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May 17, 2014

SBI PO Data Interpretatation Examples - Paragraph


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Dear SBI PO Aspirants, we have already discussed the basics and few examples of Data Interpretation. Today we shall discuss about another type of Data Interpretation model i.e., Paragraph. Usually people believe that the paragraph is one of the easiest model of Data Interpretation, because in these types there are no tables and no graphical representation of data. All the details will be given as a Paragraph. But the fact is, this is one of the hardest sections of DI. The reason is, there is no visual representation of data. They always try to mislead you with some tricky sentences. So it is always advisable to make a note of the given data in proper order before going to solve the problems. Now lets have a look at the study plan.

Data Interpretation study plan for SBI PO Exam 2014
  • Day 1 : Introduction (over)
  • Day 2 - 7 : Introductory Practice problems on various types of Data Interpretation models 
  • Remaining Days upto the exam date : Practice problems of various difficulty levels with shortcuts.
Now lets see an example problem.

A management institute offers MBA with specialization in Marketing, Finance and HR. Among the total number of students in the institute 45% are girls. Number of boys studying Marking is 30% of the total number of boys in the institution which is 297. 40% of the girls are studying HR. Number of boys and girls studying Marketing are in the ratio of 3 : 2. 50% of boys are studying Finance. 

Solution :

Basic calculations (you must write these on paper before going to solve the questions....... so that you can easily refer to these while solving the questions.
With the first glance, we can understand that the given data is about the students of various courses from an Institute.

According to the given data,

Number of boys in Marketing = 297

Total number of boys in the Institute = (297 x 100) / 30 = 990

Total number of girls in the Institute = (45/55) x 990 = 810

Number of girls studying HR

= 810 x (40/100) = 324

Number of girls studying marketing

= 297 x (2/3) = 198

Number of boys studying finance

= (1/2) x 990 = 495

Number of boys studying HR

= 990 - 297 - 495 = 198

Now we have got enough data to answer the questions. 

1. How many girls are studying finance ?
Solution :
Number of girls studying Finance
= 810 - 324 - 198 = 288

2. Number of girls studying Marketing is what percent of the number of boys studying finance ?
Solution :
Required percentage
= (198 / 495) x 100 = 40

3. Number of boys studying Fiannce is what percent of the total number of students in the Institution ?
Solution :
Total number of students in the institute
= 990 + 810 = 1800

Required Percentage = (495 / 1800) x 100 = 27.5

4. What is the respective ratio between number of boys and girls studying HR ?
Solution :
Required ratio = 198 : 324

= 11 : 18 

5. What is the total number of students in the Institute ?
Solution :
Total number of students in the Institute

= 990 + 810 = 1800 

That's all for now friends. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Tomorrow we shall discuss more model practice sets of DI with shortcut methods.  Happy Reading :)

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  1. mam plz provide us the paragraph DI which contains info like

    total students 90...three games are being played
    23 play football
    46 play cricket and football

    Hope you get it !!!!


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