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May 18, 2014

Online English Test (Set 3) - Key


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Friends, here is the key to our Online English Grammar test-Set 3. Please have a look at the questions from here before checking the answers. Happy Reading.
  1. This is the boy who won the prize
  2. Would you please give me the news paper ?
  3. The winners were cheered by the crowd
  4. One of the girls was asked to sing
  5. At home
  6. The film was quite interesting
  7. Separated
  8. Thrown
  9. Shweta asked Ravi how his exam was. In reply Ravi said, "It was fine".

    1. Greatest inventions
    2. Pressed into service
    3. A necessity
    4. Mathematical problems
    5. in order
    6. fast and efficient
    7. have been evolved
    8. couldn't think
    9. incapable
    10. proved wrong
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  2. Bank clerk friend ... do u know when postal assistant exam( karnataka circle's ) result will be out ..


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