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May 16, 2014

Marketing Practice Questions for SBI Clerks Exam - Set 15

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The physical arrangement of the illustration, headline, sub-headline, body copy, and the signature is called
  1. artwork
  2. copy
  3. art design
  4. layout
  5. storyboard

____________ is communication in news story form about an organization, its products, or both, that is transmitted through a mass medium at no charge.

  1. advertising
  2. publicity
  3. public relations
  4. sales promotion
  5. personal selling

___________ is a broad set of communication activities used to create and maintain favorable relations between the organization and public

  1. advertising
  2. selling
  3. a press strategy
  4. public relations
  5. publicity

A television advertisement showing the safety features of the Volvo 240 DL would be best classified as which of the following ?

  1. Product advertising
  2. Pioneer advertising
  3. Defensive advertising
  4. Societal marketing
  5. Publicity

The final stage in the development of an advertising campaign is

  1. creating the advertising platform
  2. developing the media plan
  3. creating the advertising message
  4. evaluating the effectiveness of advertising
  5. none of these

Advertising appropriations are largest for which type of product

  1. industrial products
  2. convenience goods
  3. high-priced products
  4. specialty goods
  5. infrequently purchased goods

The ___________ is supposed to attract readers' attention and develop sufficient interest so that they will read the entire advertisement.

  1. signature
  2. layout
  3. headline
  4. artwork
  5. sub-headline

Artwork, a major part of most advertisements, consists of the

  1. illustration and the signature
  2. illustration and the layout
  3. illustration and type of print used in the headlines
  4. layout and the signature
  5. method by which all the components are put together

A marketer uses pioneer advertising to :

  1. promote established brands
  2. compare brand names
  3. promote a product in the introductory stage of the life cycle
  4. introduce a competitive version of the product
  5. none of these

Capital goods are the goods which are

  1. consumed directly
  2. durable goods
  3. used for further production
  4. both 1 & 2
  5. none of these

Personal selling tries to achieve three general goals : finding prospects, convincing prospects to buy, and
  1. monitoring new products being developed
  2. being aware of competitors' sales activities
  3. depending on one-sale customers
  4. avoiding repeat sales
  5. keeping customers satisfied

The final stage of the selling process is the

  1. closing
  2. trial close
  3. presentation
  4. follow-up
  5. overcoming of objections

Which of the following is least likely to be directly involved in actually making sales ?

  1. order taker
  2. current-customer salesperson
  3. order getter
  4. fixed order taker
  5. support personnel

In establishing sales promotion objectives, a marketer should always

  1. concentrate on activities that increase consumer demand
  2. focus on consumers
  3. be defensive in the method used
  4. align objectives with the organization's overall objectives
  5. none of these

Which of the following is most likely to stimulate customer loyalty ?

  1. corruption
  2. sweepstakes
  3. frequent-user incentives
  4. samples
  5. premiums

A ___________ is a gift to a retailer who purchases a specified quantity of merchandise.

  1. dealer loader
  2. premium
  3. dealer listing
  4. merchandise allowance
  5. count and recount

The first step in the selling process is

  1. preapproach
  2. approaching the customer
  3. making the presentation
  4. overcoming objections
  5. prospecting

Before contacting acceptable prospects, a salesperson for an industrial cleaning equipment, company analyzes, information about the prospects' product needs, feelings about brands, and personal characteristics. This process is called

  1. prospecting 
  2. preparing
  3. approaching the customer
  4. sales training
  5. sales planning

The main reason for establishing sales territories to

  1. secure optimum market coverage
  2. reduce selling expenses
  3. facilitate planning and control of selling operations
  4. improve sales force performance and morale
  5. none of these

Which among the following is/are duty/ies of the sales manager ?

  1. organizing sales research
  2. setting and controlling the targets
  3. advising the company on sales promotion
  4. all of the above
  5. none of these

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