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April 24, 2014

English Sentence Improvement Exercises - Set 1


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Which of the phrases 1, 2, 3 and 4 given below should replace the phrase printed in italics in the following sentences to make the sentence grammatically correct ? If the sentence is correct, mark (5) i.e., "No correction required" as your answer.

To succeed in a difficult task, persistent is needed
  1. Persistent is what one needs
  2. persistence should have needed
  3. one need to be persisted
  4. persistence is needed
  5. no correction required

When the professor fell off the stool, the students could not avoid to laugh.
  1. avoid laughter
  2. stop laughter
  3. avoid laughing
  4. refrain from laugh
  5. no  correction required

I think in my opinion that all those who claim to be honest are not really so
  1. It is my believing
  2. my believing is
  3. in my opinion, I believe
  4. it seems to me
  5. no correction required

Because of the patient's ill health, losing weight was advised him by the doctor
  1. to lose weight was advised to him by the doctor
  2. he was advised by the doctor to lose weight
  3. the doctor's advise to him was losing weight
  4. lose weight was what the doctor advised
  5. no correction required

The main point of his speech was well understood
  1. that he spoke
  2. made when he spoke
  3. in the speech of his
  4. made by his speech
  5. no correction required

Sonam would have been looked elegant in a sari
  1. had looking
  2. might have looked
  3. was looked
  4. would be looked
  5. no correction required

Suparna purchased the very good of all the sari kept in the shop
  1. the most good
  2. the very better
  3. the best
  4. the better
  5. no correction required

Mrs. Stoneham had staying here since 1954 and has made India her home
  1. is staying
  2. will stay
  3. was to stay
  4. has been staying
  5. no correction required

Having had in the Railways for a long time, Manohar has visited all the Indian cities
  1. He has been
  2. Had he been
  3. Having
  4. Having been
  5. No correction required

Had we been on time, we would not have missed the train
  1. had not
  2. might have
  3. would have been
  4. will not have
  5. no correction required

I was telling a lie if I ever said that I liked you
  1. have been telling
  2. would have told
  3. would have been telling
  4. am telling
  5. no correction required

It is not certain that we would hold the prize distribution tomorrow
  1. may hold
  2. should hold
  3. are holding
  4. might hold
  5. no correction required

You should visit Disney Land when you are going to the United States
  1. were going
  2. should go
  3. have gone
  4. happen to go
  5. no correction required

When I joined the college in 2009, he has already taught there for five years.
  1. was already teaching
  2. had already been teaching
  3. has already been teaching
  4. would have already taught
  5. no correction required

This the first time I had ever used foreign razor for shaving
  1. have used
  2. ever had used
  3. will ever use
  4. have ever been using
  5. no correction required

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  1. Thanking for sharing..But make Italics font in different color for better understanding.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion friend. We will make the necessary changes... Good Day...

  2. Mam.. plz update monthly current affairs sets..

    1. Working on them Sailaja. We will try to post them soon..

  3. THanks for every thing

  4. THanks for every thing

  5. its helpful......thanx

  6. In each question below two equations have been given on the basis of these you have to find out the
    relationship between 'x' and 'y'.
    (I) (6x^2) -53x+60=0(6x square)
    (II) (4y^2) -36y+81=0(4ysquare)
    1. If x = y or relation can't be established
    2. If x > y
    3. If x < y
    4. If x < y
    5. If x > y

  7. That was a nice drill of grammar. liked it as always . expect to see more such drills .thanks.

  8. nice material ... but please update some more basic english material for postal assistant compared to previous years questions ... thankx a lot admin :-)

  9. nice material ... but please update some more basic english material for postal assistant compared to previous years questions ... thankx a lot admin :-)


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