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March 24, 2014

Agriculture in India


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Friends, here is the 13th Lesson of our Geography Study materials for SSC and Postal Assistants Exams series. In this post we shall discuss about some important points about the Agriculture in our country. As you know, Agriculture is the "Back Bone" or "Main Stay" of our Indian Economy. Agriculture not only provides food and raw material but also employment opportunities to a very large proportion of population.
  • Indian Agriculture : Mostly Rainfed
  • Indian Agriculture is divided into : 
    • Kharif - June to October
    • Rabi - November to March
    • Zayad (Summer) - April to June
  • Revolutions :
    • Green Revolution : Specific plant improvement to develop high yielding varieties 
    • Blue Revolution : To increase fish production
    • White Revolution : To increase milk produciton
    • Operation Flood Project : To increase milk production
  • NDDB : National Dairy Development Board
  • SFDA : Small Farmers Development Agency
  • Operation Flood Project was started in : 1970
  • India's Rank in Milk production : 2nd
  • Tribal People : Jhumming or shifting cultivation 
  • Natural Rubber : Widely grown in the equatorial belt
  • Tea cultivation : Warm and Moisture climate
  • Coffee cultivation : Hot and humid climate
  • Always the home of species : India
  • Provides starch and glucose to industries : Maize
  • Inter-culture is commonly practiced in : Pulses
  • Inferior millet and poor man's diet  : Ragi
  • Leading crop in India : Paddy
  • Major Kharif crop : Paddy
  • A Rabi (winter) crop : Wheat
  • India is the largest Producer of : Tea
  • The crop gained a lot through Green revolution : Wheat

Synopsis : Indian Agriculture

  • Importance of Agriculture : 
    • Agriculture is the predominant occupation of two thirds of working population for their livelihood.
    • Agriculture contribute 13.7% of the G.D.P of our Country
  • Main characteristic features of Indian Agriculture :
    • Rainfed 1/3 of total cropped area under irrigation, hybrid, farming, high intensive agriculture.
  • Problems of Indian Agriculture :
    • Uncertainity of Rainfal
    • Soil erosion
    • Fragmentation of Land Holdings
    • Jhumming or shifting type of cultivation
    • Illiterate farming community 
    • Improper manuring and low application of fertilizers
    • Non-mechanized and out dated farm implements
    • Inadequate irrigation facilities
    • Lack of proper marketing system
  • Prospects of Indian Agriculture :
    • New irrigation schemes and agricultural development programmes like SFDA, MFAL, HYV
That's all for now friends. In our next post we shall discuss about the major producers of various crops in the world. Happy Reading :)

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  1. Grt wrk admin .. I appreciate ur wrk :) keep it up.

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  3. very helpfull and important facts. Thank you mam:)

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  6. great work...keep it up !!!

  7. There is no question about your work that it's been quite commendable but if you can add few more things in the geography section like list of dams in India, states & their Governors, which crop on which kind of soil, animals & birds with their respective national parks etc would help immensely to the aspiring candidates like me.


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