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February 18, 2014

My Interview Experience (IBPS Cwe III)


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Name of the candidate : Jaya Sankar. V               

Marks scored  :    83

Venue    :   Canara Bank Building, Calicut (Kerala)

Date  :   11th Feb 2014

Time  :    8.30 am.

    When I reached the venue there were many candidates well dressed for the interview.  My certificate verification was over by  1 pm. and I was called inside the room around 2 pm.

Candidate    :    May I come in Sir ?
M1        :    Please come inside.

Candidate    :    Good afternoon to all of you sir.
M1        :    Very very good afternoon….. please be seated
(M1 asked me about my native place and personal details and started asking questions.)

M1        :    Ok, Are you working some where ?
Candidate    :    No sir

M1        :    After how many years you retired from defense?
Candidate    :    21½ years sir

M1    :    Suppose we post you far away from your native place will you feel any difficulty ?
Candidate    :    Certainly No Sir... because myself as a defence person I am  familiar  with many places in India and language is not at all a  problem for me.

M2        :    Where are you having pension account?
Candidate    :    Sir it is in SBT Palakkad

M2        :    What all documents are required to open a pension account ?
Candidate    :    Sir- pancard, Residence proof, any letter showing the individual  will retire on a specified date.
(Here I forgot to tell the requirement of pass photos and introducers signature in the opening form)

M2        :    Have you heard of “Adhar card”?
Candidate    :    Sir…. It is a unique identification number given by the government of India to citizen. It is having additional security feature like thumb impression, Retina scan and other personal history of the holder so that nobody can do any mal practice in proving the identity in any Govt Organization. Moreover all  the subsidy given by Govt is linked to the card so that only authorized person can avail the subsidy.

M3        :    What is the process of giving subsidy known as?
Candidate    :    I was silent for a moment and they gave a hint about “transfer”….
            Soon I replied “Direct cash Transfer”

M3        :    No…. it is “Direct benefit cash transfer”
Candidate    :    Yes Sir…. Thanks

M3        :    As a defense person what is the best quality that one should have?
            (M3 wanted me to answer in single word)
Candidate    :    I replied “Obedience”
            (Felt that they were not happy with this answer.  Later when I realized I thought that I should have replied “Discipline” because all good qualities are included in this single word)

M4        :    Have you heard about “ Financial inclusion”

Candidate    :    Yes sir…. In our society still there are so many people belonging to lower income category who do not know about the use of banking.  In order to link them to the banking network government has introduced some schemes so that this people understand the use of banks in improving their economy.

M4    :    Suppose you bring a poor person to bank for opening an account and if he do not have money to deposit as a token amount for opening the account what will you do?
Candidate    :    Sir….  there may be some schemes of bank for this purpose 

M4    :    That is called “No Frills Account”  or “Zero balance account”
Candidate    :    Yes sir I have heard about it and SBI was the first Bank to  introduce that.

M1        :    No…. Now so many banks are offering this facility.
Candidate    :    Ok Sir…

M5 (Lady member):    Tell me the name of some banking products.
Candidate    :    Mobile banking, Bank insurance products, D-Mat account,Mutual funds, etc.

M5        :    What is D-Mat account?
Candidate    :    It is the short form of Dematerialized account.  Earlier shares where stored in physical form but now a days it is stored in electronic form which is called D-Mat account.

M2        :    What are the types of account in a D-mat account.
Candidate    :    Sir… there is a trading account and a bank account linked to it and the trading account comes under NSDL or CSDL.

M2        :    Where are the shares stored?
Candidate    :    Sir… it is in the D-mat account?

M5        :    What are the types of Money transfer?
Candidate    :    Madam… NEFT and RTGS.

M4        :    What is a secondary market?
Candidate    :    If the share of any company gets listed after IPO that market is said to be in secondary market.

M2        :    Then explain IPO.
Candidate    :    Sir…. Certain companies in order to raise fund for their business expansion takes permission from government and SEBI to list their shares in the market and gives advertisement in newspaper and medias inviting investors to purchase their shares.  The value of share including the premium will be calculated as per the balance sheets and other financial data Investors after reading the red herring prospectus if interested can apply for allotment.  One day will fixed as listing date and once listed in the market the rate of the stock fluctuate as per the demand supply situation.

M2        :    IPO belongs to Primary market or Secondary market?
Candidate    :    Sir… it belongs to  Primary market

M2        :    Do you have any share with you?
Candidate    :    Yes sir…. I am having a D-Mat account…. I have some shares and I am having knowledge about the stock market too.

M2        :    Have you appeared for any other examination also?
Candidate    :    Yes Sir…. I have appeared in RBI assistant and general insurance companies assistant examination also but could not pass in the  written examination.

M1        :    Ok Jaya Sankar….. you may go now.
            (M1 asked me to take some chocolates kept in front of the  candidate )

Candidate    :    I took one chocolate and thanked the member by shaking hand  and again wished all the members and left the room quietly.

My weak areas during the Interview
  1. Out of around 15 questions asked I could answer for almost 12 questions comfortably well.  But I was not answering only to the point.  Since I was having knowledge about stock market I was excited and flattered regarding the topic.
  2. Twice I used  the name SBI which the board may take with negative sense. 
  3. I was not making eye contacts with all the members. 
  4. I used speak English in between even though they were asking in Malayalam.
  5. I was wearing cream coloured pant with light blue checked shirt. (I have observed that maximum candidates came to the interview in dark pants and light plain shirt or vertically appearing lined shirts. )
  6. My standing position was like a defence person standing in front of senior officer, but feeling lucky that I did not give them a salute even my hand was about to do that.

Anyway the complete interview board was very cordial and helpful

Thanks to all of you … please share your opinion.
                                        Jaya Sankar.V

Thanks to Jaya Sankar for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Excellent Brother. Hope to see you soon at the Bank :)

  2. mam Plz upload 16 feb 2014 ssc mts paper

  3. When will be the interview result.......
    anybody please replyyyyyyyy

  4. Wish you all the best...thanks for sharing ....sharmila

  5. One of d best interview I have ever heard..

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. An initial public offering (IPO) or stock market launch is a type of public offering where shares of stock in a company are sold to the general public, on a securities exchange, for the first time. Through this process, a private company transforms into a public company. Initial public offerings are used by companies to raise expansion capital, to possibly monetize the investments of early private investors, and to become publicly traded enterprises

  8. you gave an excellent interview have better chance to get the wishes

  9. alla kearalathinte cutoff 109 alle ethentha 83?

  10. Dear VJS, good description of the interview, thank you. I had given interview in Bangalore but mostly the questions were about Kannada language and how effectively i can learn to speak read and write Kannada. Not a single question was asked from Finance or Banking sector though i was well prepared to answer.


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