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February 18, 2014

Interview Experience of Clerks - Tushar Gulhane


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Name : Tushar Gulhane

Qualification : MBA(Finance)

IBPS Score : 84

Interview Date : 15/02/2014

Interview venue : Nagpur

Interview timing :10:20

Panel : 1

       Reached there at 8:30.Document verification started on 9:30.I was the 9 th candidate for interview. My turn came. With a smile on face i have asked for permission to come in.As usual there were 4 members i a panel (M1 M2 M3 F1) They said come in,i have greeted them n they offered me seat.i thanked them.Rapid fire round started.
M1: Introduce yourself?
Me: Replied in detail.
M2: since you are the only child to your parents,will they permit you if we offered you a rural branch?
Me:Sure sir they wont have any problem.
M1: what are your father?
Me: Replied along with i said that my mother is a doctor
M1:Bapre then why you want to join as a clerk?
Me: I was about to give my answer but suddenly M2 Cut my thought.( It seems they are in hurry)
M2: You have done your MBA?
Me: Yes sir right .MBA (finance)
M2: With such a high profession with first class ,why you are joining as a clerk?
Me:sir degree is immaterial for me.The only thing is you should be suitable for the job
M1: is there any growth in growth in banking industry?
Me: Yes sir tremendous.
M1: Do you know about functions of Rbi?
M2: What is repo rate?
Me: Replied
M1: How much it is?
Me: 8%
M2: what is reverse repo rate?
M1: who controls it?
M2:You did your mba? Tell me if some 1 wants to start the business,what will be the content of business project?
M1: what is feasibility and viability of the project?
M2: what is BEP?
M3:what is the technical term for the worth of the project?
Me: Return on capital employed.
M2: what is your score?
           You may leave now. Once again i have greeted them.

Suggestions to aspirants:
Dont panic. They are not the monsters..Dont be nervous.. Relax n be cool....
Hope it will help.

If you have any doubt  please feel free to ask..

Thanks to Tushar for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. interview was in english or marathi?


  3. It was in all three languages ..hindi,english and marathi as well..

    1. Hi Tushar, I want to ask you how you wished them when you entered the room.Did you say Good morning everyone ?OR Did you say good morning sir and mam?How you wished ?Please reply

  4. Hi i wished them by saying good morning mam ,good morning sir keeping eye contact with each of them(It gives personal touch) follow this...

  5. @Tushar....did they ask to write essay in marathi?

  6. @ Supriya .No not at all.They will check your fluency verbally only by asking you questions in Marathi relax...

  7. Important Note:
    1)Take all the copies of your mark sheets self attested by you.
    2)Do take provisional degree certicate...if you dont have a degree..
    3)Photocopy of your ID proof as well as in original...
    All the best

  8. hi tushar first of all ALL THE VERY BEST

    i m done with BCA and MBA in marketing what kind of preparation i should do or what kind of questions i can face in interview

  9. @Pavankumar..They are definitely going to ask you following questions:
    1) why Mba after BCA??
    2)why you want to join bank when you are having good opportunities in software field?
    3)How the bank will benefited from your profession?
    4)If there is guy who is Just B.A pass and you are Mba so how will you manage that?wont you have superiority comlex??
    Further they will ask you some basics of Marketing and yes Your graduation some technical stuff..
    Imp.Note: Be confident in your thoughts. All the best

  10. after completion of interview how you exit said thanks mam thamks sir or only thank u

  11. I said have a nice day Sir ,have a nice day mam..n gently arranged the chair to its initial position..n left the room...


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