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February 23, 2014

My Interview Experience from Chennai - Arun


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Name : Arunkumar M
Education : MCA

Date : 15th Feb

Category : OBC

Score : 105

Place : IOB Regional office, Chennai.

Time : 1.00 PM

Panel : 4
Hi Friends,
My panel had 25 candidates and I am 20th. My documents got verified around 5 pm and my interview started at 5.35 pm. As usual there were four members in panel, three men and a woman.

M3 went out as he got a cal.

Me: May I come in sir.
M1: yes come in.

Me: Good evening sir, good evening mam.
M1 M2 W1: Good evening, take your seat.
Me: Thank you.

M1: Tell about yourself.
Me: Replied briefly.

M1: About your family.
Me: Replied.

M1: why u left the job and why banking.
Me: Replied with appropriate answers. (They looked satisfied with my answers)

M2: Tell any one word from banking and explain about it.
Me: I have explained about KYC briefly.

M2: What is money laundering (question raised from my previous answer)
Me: Replied

M2: Very good. I should give all these chocolates to you for the explanation. (I don’t know whether he was impressed really or he was sarcastic :P)

W1: Tell me about the basic functions of bank.
Me: Replied.
W1: Good.

M2: What’s your score.
Me: Said.
M1 M2 W1: Okay, All the best Arun.

Me: Thank you.

That’s all from my interview. They are very casual and friendly. Just go through the basics of banking and current news like budget etc., Stay cool and do well. All the best guys.  Please comment your feedback on my interview..

Thanks to Arun for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Name: Tejal Patel
    IBPS Score- 118(gen)
    Interview date: 20/02/2014
    Place: Ahmedabad
    Interview time: 1pm
    Panel: III
    They sent us to hall for document verification. After verification of documents they took us to interview panel. My turn came for interview. I entered the room asking permission “May I come in sir” they invited me. I welcomed them with warm wishes “good afternoon mam good afternoon sirs” they also wished me and asked to sit. In my panel there was 4 members ( M1 M2 M3 M4).
    M1: Tejal patel what u Have studied?
    Me: I replied
    M1: what u have studied in EC?
    Me: DSP (digital signal processing), VLSI (very large scale integration), mobile communication etc mostly based on electronics and another is based on telecom side subjects.
    M2: How your telecommunication can help us in our bank?
    Me: (After some thinking with smile ) sir, telecommunication can’t help me directly but bcoz of I have done engineering my logical thinking is improved so much. That I can utilize in banking job.
    M1: ok, So tumne telecommunication padha hai to aisa konsa word hai telecommunication me jo barso se chala a raha hai aur abhi abhi pura gayab ho gaya?
    Me: (first I shoked but I thought on that and suddenly replied) telegram..:)
    M1: ohhh, yes that word..:) (wo log bate karnne lage pehle to koi telegram aye to sab rone hi lage kyuki koi mar jata tabhi jyadatar bheja jata tha..:P)
    Me: Sir, app ne use kiya hoga nahi?..:p
    M1: yes, mene use kiya hua hai.:)
    M1 was very frankly to me..:)
    Mene bato hi bato me bataya tha ki mene po clear ki hai
    M1: so what is the difference b/w that po interview and this one?
    Me: sir, Panel members were very friendly as u are..:)( they smiled) and I had given my performance with full confidence..:)
    M1: what they asked u in ur interview)
    Me: I told them every question. (They were listing me very carefully as my speech was very nice)
    M3: What is DICGE?
    Me: I replied correctly, all were very happy with my ans. They told me that “tumne hi is question ka sahi ans diya aur ageka koi nahi de paya tha” I said “ thank you sir”
    I was very happy..:) and they also with my performance
    M1: which are the challenges bank facing now a days?
    Me: NPS is increasing, Digitlizing of banks
    M1: what is NPA?
    Me: replied.. definition and types I had some dout in loss asset they corrected me. And told me to remember this one..:) I said ok sir..:) thank you
    M1: agar tumhare pass koi customer ata hai aur 11 lakh fixed deposit karani hai usko to kya karongi tum?
    Me: I was some confuced I tried to reply yes sir we can deposit M1 supported me and told tha ans..:P before I can give..M1 was supporting me very much
    M2: what is the difference b/w Internet and intranet?
    Me: replied right
    M1: so Tejal apne to PO bhi clear ki hai. PO me mil gaya to?
    Me: sir, agar muje Po me milti hai to hum lok jaldi se najdik ayenge( as the panel members were AGM and GM level of person..:P) (all were laughing they proud of me..:P)
    M1: aur clerk me apki vacancy reh jayegi uska kya karenge? Ap po me chale gaye to?
    Me: sir, vo to second round me bhar jayegi na..:P ( they feel very smart..:P and laughing)
    M1: Apke father apko agar dang jese district me dal diya to permission denge?
    Me: Sir, Mere dad to bol rahe the ki agar bank ki foreign branch ho aur tumhe bhejege aisa puche to bhi bol dena ki mere Parents bhejege..:) ( they were very very happy with my ans)
    M1: Sam pitroda kon hai?
    Me: i heard the name but I cant recall it properly ( M1 explained me )

    M1: Who is Monteksingh ahlluvaliya?
    Me: I replied correctly
    M1: (M1 was fully satisfied with my performance but requested me chalo ek last question puch lete hai tumhe bad me pareshan nahi karenge..:P) This is ur last question tell me what is the difference b/w work of PM and president?
    Me: actually they asked me so much question and my mind was hang so I couldn’t reply him. But they were fully satisfied with my performance
    M1: we are very happy with ur performence
    Me: thank you sir..:) thank you mam..:)

  2. if they give chocolate means is it good that means high marks???? anybody tell

  3. i am getting feeeling that literally you were selected ...dont wait for your final are going to have nice FUTURE ..CONGRATS BRO.. (praveen)

  4. all the best guys!!!

  5. No,thats just a goodness gesture

  6. what did u tell bro when they asked u ......why u left the job and why banking????

  7. Hi arun mahesh Iam vickyjute u will be selected bro


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