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February 23, 2014

Interview Experience from Punjab - Pankaj


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Name - Pankaj 

Date - 20-feb-14 

Interview Venue - PNB Bank, Chandigarh 

IBPS Score -118 

Panel -2

I reached there @ 12:35 & dox verification started @ sharp 1pm (As mentioned in call letter). Dox verification committee was little bit strict about name of candidates on documents (it should be Same on all but accepting affidavits). One personnel was very friendly as he was relaxing all the candidates by his old jokes. One important thing I want to share they are awarding 5 marks out of 20 who knows punjabi (write, read,speak) but also allowing other state candidates (there were mostly from Rajasthan) who don't know punjabi . my dox verification done in 7-8 min . I was first in my panel (25candidates/panel). .... Asked for permission , they said come in . They were 4 members M1, M2, M3, L1 firstly I wished mam ( good afternoon mam) then as I stared to wish other they interrupted & told me to sit down & as I was going to thanks them the main person there again interrupted me & told me (Apne bare dasso ) they were like in hurry here r questions..

1. Tell me abt ur self ... Ans . replied (But again interrupted)

2. what is Nbfc (A's I told them that I working as freelancer with Nbfc) Ans . replied

3. what I mutual funds ? Ans. replied

4. What is SIP Ans . replied

5. Where goes this investment ? Ans. I was like blank there so said sorry I am not aware about it.

Then he handovered to 2nd person....

1. What is the issue in this days regarding telangana ans replied

2. He asked me is there any tel( oil) issue in telangan . Ans .I explained & he smiled

3. Recently there is issue regarding electricity bill issue in delhi , what is that ?? Ans explained properly(he was convinced)

then he handover to m3

1. What is inflation ? ans. explained

2. reasons of inflation?? Ans. replied two reasons but he said PUTTAR EK HOR DAS & I was unable to recollect that time ...

So he passed to Lady interviewer..

1. Who was Nelson Mandela? Ans. replied 2. For which initiative he got Nobel prize? replied ..

Some discussion about my family & my qualification ..All this interview was in mixed languages (punjabi , Hindi, English as well )

Suggestions. : Don't be panic they are not going to bite you . They all are very friendly but I observed one thing that they are getting bored now & trying to finish interview process soon ...

Best of luck to candidates who are going to face interview....

Thanks to Pankaj for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Good job.... Ol d very best.. Wat ws ur cut off ??

  2. 5 nahi brother 8 hai is baar local language k means 40 out of 100

  3. 5 nahi brother 8 hai is baar local language k means 40 out of 100


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