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February 24, 2014

IBPS Clerk CWE III Interview Experience from Nagpur (Maharashtra) - Ronnie Francis


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Hi Friends, I am back with one more Interview Experience of IBPS CWE Clerk III as I told in my last interview exp (Maharashtra Gramin Bank) that I ll come up with this one as well

Name : Ronnie Francis

State : Maharashtra

Category : General

Score : 121

Venue : Bank Of Maharashtra, Staff Training Centre, Trimurti Nagar

Date : 21-02-2014

Reporting Time : 8:30 AM

Panel :  IV

Duration : 14-15 mints

I reached the venue at 8:30 am, soon after that we were asked to move to 2nd floor where we were given instructions for document verification, Sequence in which we were suppose to arrange them, then they took our attendance, very first person in our panel was Absent :p. They started with the document verification, very fast…my serial Number was 23 . Finally My turn came at 12:05 Pm.

I Gently Opened the Door, Said Sir, May i come in.. they replied Plz come in
Wished them..individually, starting from F1
Four Members 3 male M1 M2 M3(All in their 50’s Looking very Professional) and one Female F1(In 30’s) (Starting from Extreme Left)
One of them- Please take your seat.
Me- Thank You Sir.
M2- Where are u from proper?
Me- Sir I am born in Nagpur, Brought Up in umred.
M2- Umred is close by right?from Nagpur?
Me- Yes Sir
M2- Marathi Aati?
Me- Sir aati hai but fluency nai hai..Muje padhna ache se aata..aur pura samajhta hai, I mentioned them that in my previous company where I worked for 1 year..i used to talk to the labors in Marathi language only.and I spoke this sentence in Marathi..just to show them I cn speak as well.
They were convinced after this. Took a deep Breath(Language Problem Solved)
M2- Tell me about your education background?
Me- Sir I have completed my Bsc Computer Science after that I have pursued my MBA. Currently I am working for XYZ Co.
M2- How much is your score?
Me- Replied
M2- First attempt
Me-yes Sir
M2- Started Asking me about the Company Profile, Name of the MD, My Designation there. Near about 3-4 minutes we discussed about my company
M2- You are Christian Right?
Me- Yes Sir. Now regarding Christianity we had some discussion near about 4-5 minutes he was asking in details..about our prayers. How we follow Christianity ..So far everything went fine…now finally it was time for some technical questions..
M2- What is Corporate governance?
Me- Sorry sir, I red it..cant remember but (It was really there in my Notes..i did not revise it..and cudnt remember any part of it)
M2-Delegation of authority kya hota hai?
Me- Even here I failed to answer but…
M2-apni Authority kisi ko delegate karna..
Me-when he said this..i just tried to tell him the answer..logically what I understood..he was convinced.
M2- One more question he asked..i was hearing that word for the first time..
Me- Sorry sir Don’t know
M2 –Arre MBA kia hai na sab to aana chaiye
Me: Silent
M2- Can a Minor Open account with any bank?
Me- Replied Yes Sir
M2- Papa Kya karte hai ?
Me-Replied I lost my father when I was 5
M2-Kon kon hai ghar mei
Me- Replied
M2:- Ghar kaise chalate?
Me- Replied, Sir me and my sister both work and manage
M2- ok
F1- Mummy Kya karte hai?
Me- Replied Ma’am I Lost her just 4 months back..
M1- Hobbies kya kya hai tumharei?
Me- Replied
M2- Asked M3 to ask questions to me..
M3 DIGC kya hai?
Me- Expanded D and I and fumbled..M3 completed and asked me what is it now? I cudnt answer that as well( Felt so embarrassed)
M3  Pointed to M1 to ask questions
M1: Public ltd company or pvt ltd co mei kya diff hai?
Me- Replied with one point and other point I was wrong..there I got confused..said sorry sir.
M1 Pointed to F1 to ask questions
F1-Priority sector lending k under kya kya aata hai?
Me- Replied
F1- Kya RBI ne koi guidelines di much percent for it?
Me- I knew this..still said no..As after I failed to answer so many questions…I simply said no..
M2- said some word and asked..kaise banta hai?
Me- Sorry sir first time sun raha ye word..
M2- Arre it’s a non-vegetarian dish
Me- Sorry sir..never heard of it.
Finally they asked me to leave
I thanked them Individually, Starting from F1..

That is it friends..If I compare my this interview Exp with previous one which was for Maharashtra Gramin bank..I am not at all happy, As I was not able to answer many of the questions asked by the panel members. But still I kept my self calm n cool, I was confident and I always maintained a Smile on my face and eye contact with each of the Panel Members..Even when I was leaving..i gave them a smile and thanked each of them. We had more general conversation and very few technical questions. I am scared now..I hope it wasn’t too bad, At least they should give me Average marks.
            Fingers Crossed..Waiting for the final result..if I get selected friends..Next what I am going to share with you, will be my Success Story.. J

My Suggestion : Be confident, Don’t get nervous. They are not checking only your knowledge..there are many other things which they are going to observe in you. And after going thru this exp, I wud say..ppl who mention MBA, Be prepared for some tough questions.

Thanks to Ronnie Francis for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Dont worry frnd be positive , Its a good interview. You will be through. All the very Best :)

  2. Dear Ronnie,
    as per my suggestion you have not declare about your MBA study. But anyway overall you hv maintain temperament & gv very good answering.

    Best Luck...Never Loose Hope. Thanks for sharing your experience...

    1. Dear Friend,
      I do agree, But i have completed My Bsc in 2007, What wud have i told them..if they wud have asked me..wht i hav been doing since 2007..long Gap..dont you think Bro..
      And thank you friend..for ur wishes..i m not among those who lose hope..I have trust in God..
      All the best to you too..:)

  3. Hii..

    Friend, you really have good score, In fact 51 more than that of cutoff..
    So u will in for sure..
    All the best..

  4. Don't worry my friend, and i am very much awaiting for your success story.

    "Try and Try until you get success"

    that what you, i and so many unemployees should learn.

    1. thank You Dear Vijay..I have gone thru a very bad phase last year..hope this year..some happiness will come in my life..
      All the Best :)

    2. sabke saath wohi hota hai..............its all luck..........Ahuyia

    3. Ronnie u've got really good score.. Dont wrry... 80:20 w8g is dere u know..seniority bhi dekhi jayegi.. So u'll defintly get selected..:)

  5. Thank you Meet :)
    All the Best dear :)

  6. Sorry Friends..It was DICGC(Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation)..not DIGC..this was the term asked to me by one of the panel member..I was just Looking for it in google and realised my mistake.. :)


  8. all d best......... surely they selected u

    1. Thank you @ Anonymous February 24, 2014 at 10:52 PM

  9. hey admin please post my interview experience which i already send to ur email
    vivek kumar

  10. When interview result will be declaired pls tell

  11. Where to submit the document for which undertaking has been filled.

  12. Ma'am, how many days a candidate gets between ibps cwe final result and joining?


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