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February 23, 2014

Interview Experience from Bhopal - Vaishali Gupta


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Name : Vaishali Gupta

Date : 17-Feb-14, 08:30 AM

Venue : Central Bank of India Officer's Training Academy, Bhopal

Panel : IV

Friends, I am here giving a brief review of my interview.

They asked 20 questions in all. There were 4 members in the panel. One female and three males. Female member was proficient in Computers. She asked only about my computer knowledge.

Member 1 (senior most)
Q.1 Tell us about yourself. (He asked in Hindi)
I told about my family and my education.
Q.2 What is Tissue Culture? (As I am a postgraduate in Biotechnology)
Replied in brief with its two branches.
Q.3 Have you heard about Financial inclusion?
Replied, the proper definition.
Q.4 What is Poverty Alleviation?
Q.5 Tell about the few schemes run by Central government for poverty alleviation.
I told about Grameen Rozgar yojna and some more. He said 'good'.
This question was followed by State government scheme. I could not answer the exact name of the scheme but i was quite close. He told me the right answer.

Member 2 (Female member)
Q.6 What is time sharing?
I didn't know, so said sorry am not aware.
Q.7 What is Operating system?
Told what i know, but not the proper definition.
Q.8 Domain Name?
Q.9 1 GB=?
I got confused or should say forgot.. so said 1034 MB.. she smiled.. I knew that i was wrong.. it is 1024.
Q.10 Tell about some banking products.
I told about cheque truncation system, ATM cards, Debit cards. She said OK.

Member 3 (Sardarji)
Q.11 What should be done to overcome the souring NPAs?
I told about the SARFAESI act and some more points.
Q.12 What is the number of NPAs in State Bank 3rd Quarter review.
I was not aware.
Q.13 What is the priority sector lending percentage?
Not known again.
Q.14 What is Break even point?
I said that i have not even heard the term.
(I was worst with him.)

Member 4
Q.15 Name of the female head of a famous Biotech company.
I knew the name of the company he was asking about. So said 'Biocon'. I even told the headquarter of the company but could not recollect her name. Senior most told me Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. I was feeling annoyed of myself.
Q.16 Female heads of some Indian Banks.
I told about Usha Ananthsubramaniyam of BMB, Arundhati Bhattacharya of SBI, Chanda Kochar of ICICI. I was continuing but 'sardarji' interrupted..
Q.17 Head of Allahabad Bank?
I said I didn't know.
Q.18 Head of HSBC?
I replied Naina Lal Kidwai. He said Good.
Q. 19 Do you have any special hobby?
I said Travelling, Reading.
Q.20 Any recent research in Biotechnology?
I said I have not read about it.

We discussed few more things like 'Why I want to shift from teaching to Banking' as I am a teacher and I have done B.Ed. It was like rapid fire for me and lasted for 12-15 mins around. My score is not very good, it is just 115. Cutoff is 107 for general category.

Panel was supportive. I was calm and relaxed. It went smoothly.

Awaiting for your responses.

Thanks to Vaishali for sharing her interview experience with us. We wish her great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Behanji party karo

  2. Hi,admin you are doing good job.
    I have one question I am selcted in IBM whose joining may be in next month.
    I have also scored 83 in po3 in general category, Can you tell me that I'll get po job in 1st list or not. Then I'll not join IBM.

    1. yes. u will provided u had a decent interview.

  3. Vaishali..Interview was does not matter if u aint able to answer few questions...How u handle the situation..those 15 minutes..ur body language ur communication skills..these things also have some weigtage..Your marks are ok..not bad..lets hope for the best..
    Wish u good Luck..and if u are selected..come back to your post..and mention over here :)

  4. Thanks Vaishali ji. You will get selection in to this. As this date is always lucky for you. All the best.

    1. OK let's see. If it happens then you'll surely get a treat from my side. :P

    2. really confused..while replying..whom are u adressing..ab treat kis k liye bola hai..plz mention clearly..:p


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