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February 18, 2014

Interview Experience at Indian Institute Of Science Education And Research (IISER) - Pune (Maharashtra)


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Name – Nilesh Khandarkar

Position - Office Assistant (Multiskill) : equivalent to clerk

Date - Valentine Day (9 am)
(from 1500 only 10 got qualified for interview based on written exam)

Qualification- B.Sc (Microbiology),  MCM (Masters in Computer Management)

Place - IISER NCL innovation park, Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pune (Maharashtra) 

Interview Panel - 3 Members , 2 Gentle Men and 1 Mam

Questions asked in my IISER Interview :

1) M1 Introduce Yourself
- Replied
2) Asked about experience and job profile
3) M2 ; U are from IT background
- Yes sir IT in convergence with Management
4) DO u know C-programming( I had mentioned it in online form)
- Yes sir
5) Tell me what are arrays and he also told me to write a program on sum of number using arrays
- I was shocked I went to board and wrote the program but made minor mistake in the for loop
6) M2 Its ok u are almost correct
7) m2 why IISER why not IT?
- I told we have insurance for motor known as motor insurance, we have insurance for our life called as life insurance but we do not have any insurance policy for job….so working in a govt organization is like a job insurance policy
All of them started laughing loudly
8) m3(mam) ; govt institutions are governed by some laws…what are those laws called as?
- I was not able to answer the question…I said sorry mam I can’t recollect the answer
   I think the answer was policy but I am not sure about that
9) M3(mam) ..Can u be able to do the work..(something like that)
- Being a IT post graduate I can handle the system correctly and learn faster than other guys

Some Golden Words :
  1. When flood comes fishes eat ants but when flood resides ants eat fish..only time Matters God gives opportunity to everyone…just persist…
  2. Determination- It’s never too late to make a start..
Thanks to Nilesh Khandarkar for his interview experience and inspiring words. We wish him great success in his interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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