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February 20, 2014

Maharashtra Gramin Bank Office Assistant Interview Experience


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Hi Friends, I am Ronnie Francis From Nagpur Maharashtra I am here to share my Interview Experience of Maharashtra Gramin Bank, First Banking Sector Interview of my life. Here it goes...

Name : Ronnie Francis

State : Maharashtra

Category : General

IBPS Score : 125 (OA)

Venue : MGB Head Office, Shivaji Nagar, Nanded

Date : 17-02-2014

Reporting Time : 9 am

I reached the venue at 8:50 am, by the time we assembled at their staff training centre for documents verification it was 9:10. Then we were given instructions regarding the required documents and the order of their sequence in which we had to arrange them.

By  9:30 documents verification started, They started with girls first( lucky girls) My turn came at 12:30 FOR DOCUMENT VERIFICATION(they were too slow). then after a long wait my interview turn came at 5:40 pm as there was only one Panel.

I was waiting for the guy to come who went just before me, Meanwhile those sir(MGB Bank Staff) took my signature doing the formalities and they were very co-operative, they asked my score they said your score is good, they saw my DOB and realised this was my last Clerical Interview as i have Crossed my age For clerical. They adivised me beta ye cheez unhe jarur mention karna that sir this is my last opporutnity, then they also asked me aap kaha se ho? Marathi aati hai? I said no sir Muje fluently bolna nai aata, but I can understand and read it. They said ok no problem unhe bolna sir Mai Marathi se jyada Hindi mei ache tarah se questions answer kar pauga.

Finally bell rang, I got up Immediately from my seat. Arre Beta baitho time hai(MGB Bank Staff), Other guys started laughing as the bell rang was from GM's Cabin not of the Interview Panel LoL..Who cares :p. Now the guy came as his interview finished and now the bell rang from the panel member's side. Before I could leave the Staff sir's Wished me Good Luck (Hand Shake)

I Gently Opened the Door, Said Excuse me Sir, May i come in one them replied Plz come in.

Four Members all male M1 M2 M3 and M4 (Starting from Extreme Left)
M3- Please sit
Me- Thank You Sir.
M2- Red my Address and came to know that i am from nagpur, Straight away asked me tell me 15 Bulletin Points on Nagpur
Me- 1.As we know sir Nagpur is also known as Orange city, It is famous for Oranges
2.Then there is place called Futala Lake we can see most of college going students crowd over there, Nice Place to hang Out.
3.then close by there is Lourde Mata’s Mandir , Since I am Christian I am sharing this with you, You can find great peace of mind there, People from different religion come there to pray.
4.About Zero Miles.
Took a pause
M2- Arre bolo bolo aur bolo tumne to bilkul rukna nai chaiye
Me- Sir Nagpur has started working on its Metro Rail project.
There is empress mall, which is one of the biggest mall of central india
M2:- Arre Aurangabad mei bhi aise malls hai, I don’t think  its so famous
Me- Ok Sir, Then I told Sir there is Hislop college in Nagpur, many of the famous personalities have passed out from there Like Sonu Sood, Deno Morea, Arvind Kejriwal(Blunder Mistake) I wanted to say Rajkumar Hirani As they both resemble acc to me in looks. Panel members started laughing, Said Kya baat hai Arvind Kejriwal Hislop college se Passout hua..Hame nai pata tha.I corrected my self immediately, Nai sir sorry..its rajkumar Hirani..ha ha ha..funny moment for me. Enjoyed it..finally here we stopped discussing about nagpur
M2- Tell me your Education Back Ground
Me- Sir Bsc Computer Science
M2- Cyber Crime kya hota hai?
Me- Replied
M2-Booting kya hota hai?
Me- Replied
M2-What is Branding
Me-Thought in Mind yaar marketing kaha se agaya..I asked him to confirm, Sir Branding in Marketing Field Right?
M2- Yes
Me- Sir jab koi company apna Product launch karta hai market mei..M2 completed the answer after that(Thank God), I Noded my head Ji Sir(With a Smile)
Now M2 Got  up from his seat and told M1 arre pucho pucho questions pucho isko, Ladka Hoshiyar hai :p I hope he was serious
M1: Kya padh ke  aaye ho interview k liye
Me- Sir banking ka basic padh k aaya hu thoda
M1:Kitne Public Sector Banks hai
Me-With confused state of mind said 21
M1-Arre Bolo bolo galat hoga to hum correct karege
Me- Sir thoda confusion hai PSU or Nationalized Bank mei, Nationalized Bank 21 hai for sure.
Now M4 Joined the conversation
M4:- Chalo batao Nationlized bank 21 kaise hue?
Me- Told him clearly including recent addition of BMB
M4- Good
M4- Ab SBI aur unke associates kitne hue
Me- SBI hai aur uske 6 Associate
M1- 6 hai ya 5?
Me- Sir jaha tak muje pata hai 6
M1 asking to M4 6 hai ki 5..both talking to each other..
M4- Ab SBI aur uske 6 associates, Ab pure milakar kitne hue?
Me- Sir 28
M4-Good (Very Co-operative All panel Memebers)
M3 was the Silent Observed did not ask me anything
M2 Came back to his seat
M1: Agriculture kya hota hai?
Me- Replied some how..and told sir jyada details mei to nai pata hai..
M1- Government ko kyu laga ki Regional Rural Banks Ki jarurat hai?
Me-Replied some how again..but he was not fully convinced.
M1- Micro Credit kya hota hai?
Me- Replied
Now M2 back in action
M2- Chalo isse ye sawal karte dekhte ye bol payega kya..
M2- Rupee ki value beech mei kaafi decpreciate hui the iska reason batao?
Me- Here I Would like to thank Gr8Ambitionz as this question was asked to one of the Guy in PO interview which I red it on Gr8Ambtionz website and also would like to thank that guy who shared his experience..and I answered it whatever I remembered. Told him Sir CAD Disturb hua tha..(As I was not sure kam hone se ya jyada hone se hua tha)
M2- That’s gr8
M2: Beech mei US walo ne aisa kya kia tha jisse India ko kaafi Problem hua tha or India ko kaafi paisa invest karna pada tha? I actually don’t remember what he was trying to ask me as it was a bouncer for me.
Me- Mum..silent…
M4:- Started Explaining me..which I was hardly able to understand, still was nodding my head and saying Ji sir, Ok sir.
M2- Score kitna hai tera?
Me- Sir 125.
M2- Kitne logo ka same score hai ‘125’
M2-Acha Score hai re tera
Me- Sir mere hisaab se to ache nai hai
M2- nai nai acha hai tumhara score.

That is it friends..finally my interview came to an end..It lasted for 12-15 minutes.They told me very good and asked me to leave. I got up and then I told them Sir ek cheez bolni the, I am sorry if I am doing wrong by saying this..They replied boliye boliye, Sir ye mera last chance hai, I have crossed my Age limit for clerical Post. They replied with a smile arre apka score acha hai bola na don’t worry. Finally I left, I was happy..Panel members were very very Friendly and helping. I was not at all nervous at the time of my interview.
Came out thanked those sirs and told them sir maine unhe mention kiya wo cheez(Age Factor). They smiled and told Good. All the best.

My Suggestion : Don’t be nervous and don’t keep studying there..u can never expect from which topic they are going to ask you. I have mentioned on my application form that I  have completed MBA, But they did not ask anything from MBA. Just be relaxed..Keep smiling through out the interview. And keep responding I did (ok sir Ji Sir)
All the best Guys..I have my IBPS Clerk Interview on 21st. Hopefully.i ll come up  with that Interview exp as well if it goes well like this one..:)

Thanks to Ronnie Francis  for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team 

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  1. Hii.. Good Interview Friend,
    I also had my Interview at same Place on 13th Feb, My turn came at 5.30.. because of that i had missed my train too, whose time was 5.00PM, well... but i had nice experience there.. enjoyed lot..

    All the best Friend..

    1. Wish u the same Bro...same here..i had to cancel my train..Even i njoyed there with other guyz

  2. Dear admin pls upload my ibps clerk-3 interview experience,,,,I have sent u so many mails,,,,plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss do the needfull ...My name is nilesh khandarkar

  3. Dear admin pls upload my ibps clerk-3 interview experience,,,,I have sent u so many mails,,,,plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss do the needfull ...My name is nilesh khandarkar

  4. hi friend whts your score for clerks-III?
    and which panel?

    1. Hi dost good luck for ur futr.
      U had a nice intrw..
      i was also on the same venue with u..
      u were just asking abt lunch time to take a decision on canclatn of ur tickets...
      i also had intrw but my exprnce was not so.good...
      best luck for u..
      hope u will get selctrd over there

    2. Yes...Correct..thanks.dont worry...u too will get thru..and thanks for your wishes..

    3. @ Anonymous February 20,2014 at 3:27 Pm.. My IBPS Clerk CWE Score is 121 Panel IV

  5. u r in Frnd...
    Time to celebration...
    enjoy the moment...

  6. I read your 'success story' and thus am aware that you got through.... Yet I must say... you should never have mentioned that it was your last chance so explicitly after interview. Had there been a chance to mention it in the middle of the interview it was ok. I think it's your parents' blessing otherwise that itself was a good reason to disqualify you. All the very best for your future and I hope you will clear PO exam next time.

    1. I did not say anything about my Family(answered only what they asked nothing on my own) or regarding my age in IBPS clerk interview. whereas in MGB the Bank staff they themselves told me twice to tell this at the time of document verification and before i could go for the i have told..May be i was wrong..
      Thank you for ur wishes :)


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