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January 09, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experience - Mohamad Sameer


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Name : Mohamad SAMEER

CATEGORY : General

SCORE :   80

Interview Date : 9th January 2014

VENUE :  Andhra bank Zonal office, Koti (Hyderabad)

Panel : III

Qualification : E.C.E (2007)

Time: 8:30

I was there at the venue at 8:30. At around 9 I entered inside the building, there were 26 members in morning batch for my panel. 4 members were absent.

Documents verification took place for me at 11.

Note : There was an extra M in my surname in my degree certificate so they asked me to add one more line in the Declaration available at the end of the application form.

My interview was after lunch, at 3:30

4 male members.

One of the members was looking at my application and saw 70% marks and 2007 .
Immediate question you don't have any experience?
I said No
Member: What were you doing this 6 years

My explanation went on for 5 minutes and they were listening to me and in between they interrupted and asked me what is my score and I replied 80.

Member: Which institute did you join

I replied none, they were surprised I don't know why? and said Good.. They were asking the same question to all candidates.

He passed on to other member:

He asked me about nationalization act, New banking license criteria, few banks which applied

I answered few

He passed on to other member

He asked me what is nomination in banking, I was telling him about nominee he said not that .. I said not idea

last member : What are types of deposits

I answered

What are bank's assets, fixed assets?

Overall it was just 10 minutes and I answered few and the things which I did not know I said I don't know.

They asked me to leave

No fixed timing for each candidate, it varied from 10- 20 minutes. All the Best to all.

Thanks to Sameer for sharing his valuable Interview Experience and tips with us. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Hi..How they check experience certificate???..I left my job 1 years back ...because that company has no growth ...very small company?? before 2 days back i went that company....there is no company on this place ???i call my team mate,,they told me,,i already left the job...pls help me....

  2. apgvb interview schedule out. but they did not give scheduled to officer scale-1

  3. Hello Sameer, I had completed my B.Tech in 2011.I had trained in some Software Technologies but,still i didn't get any job so i am preparing for bank exams.If i went for the interview and if they ask me the same question what you have done for these many years.What i have to answer

    1. you just answer what has happened........They have seen lakhs of candidates like you.. you will be cross questioned,If you lie then you get caught somehow in btw. If you are lucky you may mot face this question only. Be Confident They will be friendly

  4. Mohammed sameer general mein? not OBC? what about syed? gen or obc?


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