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January 09, 2014

IBPS PO III Common Interview Experience from Indore - Shradha Shrivastava


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Name - Shradha Shrivastava

Date - 09/01/14

Venue  - Indore (Panel 1)

Session - Morning

Written Marks - 82 (Gen Category)

I was the first candidate to be called for document verification as well as for the Interview in my panel. My document verification completed by 9:00 am. I was called for interview at 9:15 am. It went on for almost 15 minutes.

I entered the room. Four panel members, all male. Greeted them with a smile. Almost all the questions were asked by only one member, rest 3 were just looking at me and saying 2-3 words in between.

M1-(with an energetic smile) Beta, u r the first candidate today, so we will decide the pattern of questions today according to your responses. ok?
Me: Sure Sir.
M1-Where r u from?
Me: Replied (As it is new distt, so he asked me about SP & Collector, I replied.)
M1: What does your father and mother do?
Me: Sir both are in govt. job. (and explained little about their job)

(After that, they asked me little bit about the nationalised bank in which i am a clerk, I replied)

M1: Why do u want to leave your hometown for PO job (as i am doing job in my hometown.)
Me: Sir PO is my ultimate goal, and mere place of posting is not a big matter for me. I can manage it. (They all looked satisfied :-)

M1: What is the basic difference between UPS & Inverter? (Since I'm BE in EC)
Me: Sir, UPS is more efficient as compared to Inverter and UPS are specifically used for computers only. (This topic went on for a long time but they were not satisfied, so ultimately i said sorry sir, i have no idea.)

M1: What will you do if some customer gives u a fake note?
Me: I said that I'll report it to the officer and note down the series of the note.(Don't know I was ryt or wrong, they all had blank expression).

M1: And what if u personally receive any fake note?
Me: I started thinking, but could not answer, (then M1 cracked a joke to spread a smile in that serious environment by saying- Ki beta aap to us note ko dusre notes k sath laga k market me chala doge, hai na!!.. All of us started laughing. :D)

M1: Does RBI print 1 Re note?
Me: No Sir, Ministry of finance does.

M1: I didn't ask who does, I just asked that does RBI print?
Me: No Sir, RBI doesn't.

M1: To Beta Why is it so? RBI kyo nahi chhapti 1 rupiya ka note?
Me: Sorry Sir, I do not know the reason.

M1: Why should we recruit you to PO?
Me: Sir as I am from technical backgroung, I have a quality to grasp knowledge related to systems, I have good speaking and communication skills. I..... (M3 interrupted.... but God knows what que he asked to me.... again M1 interrupted)

M1: Ye jo nose me baali pehne ho, ye koi aur bhi pehenta hai, jante ho use??
Me: Yes Sir. Tennis star SANIA MIRZA.

M1: Ok, to usne tumhe dekhkar pehna hai ya tumne use dekhkar pehna hai??
Me : Sir na unhone mujhe dekhkar pehna hai na hi maine unhe dekhkar pehna hai.. (and all of them laughed aloud over this sentence)

M1,M2,M3,M4. : Thank u beta, wish u all the best..
Me: Thank u so much sir :)

Suggestions : They are very humble and polite. Sometimes distressing too, but you should be cool and relaxed. They just see your confidence and perseverance, not your answers. they understand ki ye banda/bandi yaha tak pahucha hai to knowledge nahi hoga to future me gain kar lega, they just see your skills to speak in front of them.. All the best to all the candidates.. :)

Thanks to Shradha Shrivastava for sharing her valuable Interview Experience and tips with us. We wish her great success in this interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. nice ...wen will be the results?

  2. hii shradha ... am also from indore my interview was today afternoon batch panel 1.... from me panel members asked questions in hindi only dont know y so ... do the same thing happen with u also ??

    1. Yes friend, they asked maximum questions in Hindi.. How was your interview??

    2. mine was ok ....

  3. Hi Shradha, What was your dress code in interview???????????????
    Plz Tell Me

    1. Hi, i wore a light coloured simple salwar-kurta and a simple sweater as it was so cold in the morning.. All the best :)

  4. Good one!!..feeling little relaxed after reading ur interview EXP..all the best

  5. i have a doubt...i have two different passport photos.. i am not sure which photo pasted in my interview call letter.. my interview is on 11th jan.. is there any way to find out at the time of document verification... please help

    1. check your application...the same photograph will continue through out the whole process....proceed according to that

  6. Gud work dudette...Thanks a lot for uploading..Wish U all the best 4r Ur Endeavour..

  7. gud chances.. hey i got 84 gen in clerk. cut off is 67 for assam. any chances ?

  8. state cutt off 67 marks 84 . clerk. chnce ?

  9. Hello shrada how cud I clear , examz.

    plzz help me


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