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January 13, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experience - Aritra Basu (Kolkata)


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Name :  Aritra Basu

Qualification : B. Tech in Electrical Engineering and 1.5 years experience as Senior Systems Executive in Cognizant.

Category : General

Interview Date : 12/1/2014
Time : 8: 30

Panel : III 

Venue : UBI Head Office, Kolkata

My Experience..

First of all I would want to say I had the best interview experience of my life undoubtedly and thanks to the Panel Members who made me so comfortable.

I had reached the venue at around 8 15 in the morning and then after registration at the Security Check we were escorted to the document verification room where there were three column like seating arrangements made for the three separate panels where we were asked to sit at the back of our respective panels and wait for our respective turn for document verification. They have a list " pre-prepared"on what basis I couldnt figure out and accordingly they call up for document verification. Mine was the seventh name on that list and verification was done in fifteen minutes and then Eight of us were taken outside the Interview room.One very important thing I noticed was the document verification team of every panel asked several questions regarding various aspects and they send the documents in a file to the interview room alongwith their feedback I felt.

The big moment arrived at 11: 50 when I entered the room. There were 4 men above the age of 50 and all of them looked extremely flamboyant.

I asked for permission to come in and wished them good morning and was greeted with a warm welcome from everyone in the panel.

M1: Tell us about urself.
I knew I had to potray my qualities in a very short span of time and so to the best of my effort slowly shifted their interest to my passion for sports and especially cricket which I have been playing professionally for the past fifteen years.

M2: Tell us about ur school and college life.
I shared my experiences to the best of my knowledge and M1 seemed to know a lot about my school so he started to enquire about the school proceedings in the last few years. He knew many teachers from my school and like a rapid fire surprisingly started asking names of the teachers to check my spontaneity. They were very impressed and I could feel the positive vibe coming.

M3: Tell us about characteristics of the bank and rbi and its monetary policy..
Answered with confidence with examples and to the point and he seemed very impressed too.

M4: Difference between RTGS and NEFT.
Answered correctly too.

M1: Why do u want to leave ur current job?
I said that in the past one and a half years the domain I have been a part of has graveyard shift timings with night shifts and it destroys our entire body metabolism and since bank brings about with it a lot more security,dignity, prestige and reliability in the work culture it inspired me to try for it. Moreover my father has been serving at SBI for the past 30 years and now he is the Service Manager so he stood out to me as a great influence to go forward.
He seemed pretty convinced at my answer.

M2: Then nowadays banks also has tedious work culture and in the first phase u will be posted anywhere will u be able to cope up?

Convincingly replied that my current work atmosphere and grievous timings at work has built my mental strength to such an extent that I can face the expectations of the bank with 200 percent effort.. and elaborated a little more..

M2: Why should we take u.
Pretty confidently once again tried to highlight my qualities and how its going to be fruitful to the bank. He seemed happy.

Lastly everyone said it was excellent and great and it was wonderful talking to u and do make sure to check out the latest tedious work culture from your father and be prepared for it. All the best.

I shook hands with everyone and left with a smile.

Friends I would to like to say one thing they are not looking for "banking dictionary"  like personalities who knows a lot of things about banks but are not presentable and confident. A smile throughout will win you a lot of battles and the confidence with which you present yourself will easily overlook even your faintest knowledge about banks.

Wish everyone All the best for the results !!!!

Thanks to Aritra Basu for sharing his valuable Interview Experience and tips with us. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Who is the owner of this blog?

    I request him/her to change the colour of the title bar , side panels , as it looks synonymous. And do stick with the old font style of contents (dark black colour) as it was..............& increase the size of "gr8ambitionz" in the left top all looks good


  3. Hey guys! I wanted to know if I have all six semesters marksheet and applied for degree.will I be permitted to give the interview.

  4. Very good impressed with your interview

  5. grt to read, want more suggestions as my interview is coming for the clerks!!!!!!!!!

  6. For 1.5 years u got senior executive. Postion in cognizant . . Why u people putting gas on the blogs

  7. Thank you Aritra Basu
    ... Wish you the best for tomorrows.. Maity

  8. i think you are 99 % selected and rest 1% depend on ur luck..........Karambir Singh

  9. Mam ye intrviews kb tk chlenge nd result kb aega?

  10. when will this interviews end and aritra basu why you have not mention exactly what you said in interview if u say only like i said then no point publishing

  11. hello mam!........ibps po3 ka interview kab tak chalega???? n result kab tak aane ka possibility hai??

  12. I have got two years of experience in pwc (Pricewaterhouse coopers) and i have clerk interview coming up. Is it wise to mention the experience? I have already left pwc in 2012. Please advise anyone.

  13. Better keep the experience other wise u cant manage

  14. when is the last date of po interview?

  15. any idea when ibps will declare the po final results

  16. 12th jan was the last date


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