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January 13, 2014

Meet the World's most Admired People


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Friends, the international internet-based market research firm YouGov has conducted a poll called 'World's most admired people poll' for the Times magazine. For this poll it has surveyed almost 14,000 people from various countries like India, Brazil, Australia, China, Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria, United States, Russia, Germany, France, Great Britain and Pakistan. Based on the results, the Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been named as the most admired person on the planet. Our cricket god Sachin Tendulkar stood at the fifth position on a list of 30 people. Apart from Sachin, there were four Indians who could make to the top ten and seven overall in the list. Those are ,  BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi (7th), Bollywood Actor Amitabh Bachchan (9th), former President of India Abdul Kalam (10th), social activist Anna Hazare (14th), Delhi Chief Minister and activist Arvind Kejriwal (18th) and Business tycoon Ratan Tata (30th). 

There are 6 women who could make into the list. Those are Actress Angelina Jolie (19th place) , US talk show host Oprah Winfrey (20th), German Chancellor Angela Merkel (26th), former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (27th) and Chinese contemporary folk singer Peng Liyuan (28th).

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  1. sorry to tell you this NEW LOOK IS NOT COMFORTABLE FOR READING.

  2. This poll is just based on 14,000 online users. So we can't take this as real list. And no Indian voted by any no-Indian voters. They are placed in top-10 just because of majority of Indian votes only. Check YouGov site. If they asked offline and more people, the list would be good to believe. I mean people of this list are really admired, but many other people are there admired more than these people. TIME magazine should re-poll offline, otherwise it will be noted just a fun online poll.

  3. Just an online poll yaar. Don't take this that serious.

  4. Petty Thieves or Party Thieves ?

    Arvind Kejriwal's helpline produced 23,000 complaints against corrupt officials , within first 2 days

    And managed to arrest 2 constables trying to accept Rs 3,000 by way of bribe

    Some 60 + sting operations are under way

    Similar help lines are being installed in Goa , MP , Rajasthan and Chhatisgarh

    ( BJP walking in the footsteps of AAP ? )

    Can such efforts to curb corruption, produce results ?

    Yes , if what China's Central and Provincial governments managed to achieve in just 11 months ( Jan - Nov 2013 ) , is any clue

    Here are some statistics released by Supreme People's Procutorate :

    > No of " corrupt " govt officials investigated .............. 36,907

    > Total number of cases ......................................... 27,236

    > Major / Important cases ...................................... 21,848

    > Cases involving " Losses " ..................................... 16,510

    > Amount of Losses ............................................ Rs 566 crores

    ( - peanuts compared to our scams totaling Rs 5 LAKH CRORES ! )

    Communist Party's Central Commission for Discipline Inspection reports :

    > Investigation and Punishment of party Officials ......... 182,000

    > High level officials facing legal prosecution ............. 8

    ( - including Zhou Yong Kang - a former member of Politburo Standing
    Committee - equal to an Indian Cabinet Minister )

    If our Democratic System is superior to China's Dictatorial System , we ought to do better !

    In China , a Politburo Member cannot be " Voted Out " by people

    But , in India , we can !

    I hope the 543 sitting MPs and 5,000+ sitting MLAs of India realize that they will get voted out in April 2014 , if they fail to act against the corrupt - and do it fast

    People calling Narendra Modi , a " Dictator " have no clue how angry Indian voters are !

    For them , a dictator who rids them of corruption is a better choice than the so-called democrats who couldn't care for 4,383 children ( under age of 5 ) dying EVERYDAY , due to starvation !

    Voters know that Rs 5 LAKH CRORES could have saved these children !

    They don't care for Freedom of Speech that cannot bring Freedom from Hunger !

    * hemen parekh ( 13 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )

  5. sorry to say this view of ur website is nt comfortable at all.plz change to ur previous one...........

  6. Who is the owner of this blog?

    I request him/her to change the colour of the title bar , side panels , as it looks synonymous. And do stick with the old font style of contents (dark black colour) as it was..............& increase the size of "gr8ambitionz" in the left top all looks good

  7. please keep the old mode of this site.previous one is very comfortable

  8. its read

  9. Not a single lady from poor is India and its people

  10. Check the YouGov site. No one admired any Indian outside India. They just placed in top-10 just because of majority of voters were from India. I don't believe these online polls are correct. I mean may these people are admired by many, but some others are there who are being admired more than these people.

  11. Sorry to Say " This New Look is Not User Friendly "

  12. The New look is very cool and easy to read. Congratz!!


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