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December 28, 2013

Compiler Construction Tools


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Friends, we have already learned about compilers in detail. As you know, writing a compiler is tedious and time consuming task. There are some specialized tools for helping in implementation of various phases of compilers. These tools are called compiler construction tools. These tools are also called as compiler-compiler, compiler-generators, or translator writing system. Various compiler construction tools are given as below.
  1. Scanner Generator : These generators generate Lexical analyzers. The specification given to these generators are in the form of regular expressions. The UNIX has utility for a scanner generator called LEX. The specification given to the LEX consists of regular expressions for representing various tokens.
  2. Parser Generators : These produce the syntax analyzer. The specification given to these generators is given in the form of context free grammar. Typically UNIX has a tool called YACC which is parser generator.
  3. Syntax-directed translation engines : In this tool the parse tree is scanned completely to generate an intermediate code. The translation is done for each node of the tree.
  4. Automatic code generator : These generators take an intermediate code as input and converts each rule of intermediate language into equivalent machine language. The template matching technique is used. The intermediate code statements are replaced templates that represent the corresponding sequence of machine instructions. 
  5. Data flow engines :  The data flow analysis is required to perform good code optimization. The data flow engines are basically useful in code optimization.
That's all for now friends. From our next post we shall discuss about the phases of compilers in detail. Happy Reading :)

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  1. why are u not saving these topics in website?

    1. These are introductory posts friend. We will save them once we start posting main topics... Possibly from January 3rd

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