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December 28, 2013

Functions of Human Resource Management (HRM)


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The functions of HRM (Human Resource Management)  can be broadly classified into 2 categories. Those are,
  1. Managerial Functions
  2. Operative Functions
Now lets have a detailed look on them,
  1. Managerial Functions :
    • Planning : Planning is a predetermined course of action. During this phase the organizational goals and formulation of policies and programmer to achieve the goals are determined. The desired directions of future activities are cleverly charted. Planning is the starting managerial function. Forecasting is one of the important elements of planning. 
    • Organizing : It is the process in which the structure and allocation of jobs are determined. Specific tasks, departmentation, delegation of authority, communication channels, and coordination of the work of subordinates are the major activities decided during the organizing phase. 
    • Staffing : This is a process by which managers select, train, promote and retire their subordinates. This involves  deciding what type of people should be hired, recruiting prospective employees, selection, performance appraisal and management, compensation, employee counseling, training and development of employees.
    • Directing : It is process of activating group efforts to achieve the desired goals. It includes motivation, leading, communication activities; to achieve the goals of the organization.
    • Controlling : It is the process of setting standards for performance, checks the actual performance with these standards and taking corrective actions as needed.
  2. Operative Functions :
    • Procurement : Involves processing the right kind of people to be placed in the organization.  It consists of job analysis, HR planning, recruitment, selection, placement, induction of new employees.
    • Development : This function involves activities meant to improve the knowledge, skills, aptitudes and values of employees so as to enable them to perform their job in effective manner.
    • Compensation : Compensation function involves determination of wages and salaries matching with contribution made by employees to meet organizational goals. This function ensures fair wages to employees. It consists of activities such as job evaluation, wages and salary, administration, bonus, incentives etc.
    • Maintenance : It is connected with protecting and promoting employees while at work. For this purpose, various benefits such as housing, medical, education, transport facilities etc., are provided to the employees. Several social security measures such as provident fund, pension, gratuity, group insurance etc., are also arranged. 
Mohana A. Nair

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  1. hi mam this is srinivas recently i wrote ibps clerk exam. at the time of application form filling mistakenly i filled general instead of obc(category).
    if i cleared this exam am i get any problem bcoz of this category. basically am belongs to obc.

    1. It wont effect your selection Srinivas. But you may have to appear for the Interview as a General candidate . You better contact IBPS Authorities once, so that they may consider your problem. All the Best.

    2. Hi mam can u provid me any study material or links for ibps specialist hr vacancy at

  2. Have any one of you appeared in prime minister rural development fellowship today?

  3. Ma'am please provide some mcqs sets on various industrial and labour laws for upcoming hr specialist officer..thanks a lot

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