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November 27, 2013

Online Practice Test for Computers


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The keys on the keyboard which may be programmed to do special takss are the
  1. Arrow Keys
  2. Numeric Keys
  3. Function Keys
  4. Control Keys

Which of the following is an input device ?

  1. FAT
  2. Plotter
  3. Sound Recognition
  4. All

A mouse, track ball, and joystick are examples of ?

  1. Pointing devices
  2. Pen input devices
  3. Multimedia Devices
  4. Output Devices

A ___________ works like an upside-down mouse

  1. Track ball
  2. Track pad
  3. Joy Stick
  4. Touch Screen

Which of the following acts both like an input and output device ?

  1. Mouse
  2. Touch Pad
  3. Touch Screen
  4. Joystick

Translating voice to text is a capability known as ?

  1. Speech Recognition
  2. Voice Recognition
  3. Both
  4. None

What kind of storage device can be carried around ?

  1. Hard Disk
  2. Diskette
  3. Main Memory
  4. All

Which of the following is not an output device ?

  1. Plotter
  2. Projector
  3. Printer
  4. Joystick

The ______________ of a computer is classified by the number of pixels on the screen, expressed as a matrix ?

  1. Resolution
  2. Viewing Angle
  3. Dot pitch
  4. Clarity

Output, which is made up of pictures, sounds and video is called ?

  1. Hard Copy
  2. Graphics
  3. Multimedia
  4. None

A dot-matrix printer uses ______ to form the letters

  1. Bars
  2. Codes
  3. Pins
  4. Daisy wheels

A laser printer is an example of ____________ printer

  1. Daisy wheel
  2. Chain
  3. Non-impact
  4. dot-matrix

Generally the speed of a printer can be measured in ____________

  1. cps
  2. lps
  3. pps
  4. wps

To produce high quality graphics in colo0r, you would not use a

  1. plotter
  2. ink-jet printer
  3. laser printer
  4. dot-matrix printer

An impact printer _______________

  1. is loud
  2. has a mechanism somewhat similar to a typewriter
  3. can use multipart paper
  4. all of the above

A screen which can display white characters on a blue (or black) background is a ________ monitor.

  1. monochrome
  2. CGA
  3. EGA
  4. VGA

In computing, a ____________ is a peripheral which makes a representation of an electronic document on physical media ?

  1. Printer
  2. Keyboard
  3. Speaker
  4. Monitor

What is the full form of CD-ROM

  1. Cassette Disk Result on Memory
  2. Compact Disk Read only Memory
  3. Clear Disk Read only Memory
  4. Cassette Desktop Read on Memory

Which one of the following is not consiered part of a file specification that identifies a file.

  1. drive letter
  2. sub-directory
  3. file name
  4. storage medium

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  1. the speech recognition is available in our pc in windows 7 operating system
    you can check it by typing windows speech recognition in start menu it will be very good experince that you can run your pc by just speaking.....:)

  2. Maam as far as i knw plotters are used for creating High Qyality graphics??

  3. the speech recognition is available in our windows 7 pc .you can check it by typing window speech recognition in the start menu.there are tutorials to run it

    it will be good experience by running your pc with speaking just few words.

    hope you like it

  4. The answer of 14th Question should be dot matrix printer

    1. You r rite.. Dot matrix is the correct answer


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