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November 03, 2013

Daily Current Affairs Updates - 3rd November 2013

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International Affairs
  • Australia and the United States mounted a joint surveillance operation on Indonesia during the 2007 United Nations climate change conference in Bali.
  • Pakistan will review its relationship with the United States in a high-level meeting on Sunday, the prime minister's office said, following the killing of the Pakistani Taliban leader in a US drone strike.
  • A Bangladesh-born British man and a US citizen were sentenced to death today absentia by a special war crimes tribunal for atrocities committed during the 1971 liberation war, 42 years after they fled the country to evade justice.
  • Latin Americans were honoring their departed loved ones with Day of the Dead celebrations, blending pre-Columbian rituals with the Roman Catholic observance of all Saint's Day on November 1 and All Soul's Day on November 2.

National Affairs
  • India's first Mars orbiter mission is in the last stages of readiness, with propellant being filled into the fourth and last phase of the rocket at 1.30pm.
  • To get youth interested in agriculture research, the Agriculture Scientists Recruitment Board (ASRB) must undertake a special drive, said by scientist M.S. Swaminathan.He said there should be a special analysis of the gaps in regional-level research, particularly in northeastern and tribal areas “as was done in the past.”
  • Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has postponed his visit to cyclone-hit Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, scheduled for Saturday, due to "scheduling issues".

  • Noted Kannada film director and screenplay writer D Rajendra Babu died of heart attack in bangalore today. He was 62.
  • Renowned Pakistani folk singer Reshma, who was suffering from throat cancer for a long time, died in Lahore Sunday morning.

Science and Technology
  • A rare hybrid solar eclipse Sunday, which won't be visible from India, can be viewed online.This is the most interesting eclipse of the year because it is the rare hybrid eclipse in which some sections of the path are annular  while other parts are total.
  • Online shopping is growing fast in India and smaller towns are playing a leading role. They match metros when it comes to transactions, whether they're buying toys or two-wheelers.

  • The International Tennis Federation (ITF) announced its decision to suspend Tunisia from the 2014 Davis Cup.
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