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October 04, 2013

List of Banking and Financial Abbreviations - Pdf Download


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Friends, with this post we are giving you the pdf file of the complete list of Banking and Financial Abbreviations. In this pdf file we have tried our best to cover all the important abbreviations of Banking and Financial sectors which will be very useful to you for your upcoming Banking Exams. Just download this file and try to memorize these abbreviations (it would be more good if you can write them two or three times).

Remember that now a days they are not asking the questions like what is the full form of FICCI or SEBI. The questions will be little twisted like, what does B represents in SEBI. The options will be like a)Bank b) Board c) Branch d) Brand e) Broad. Now confusion starts. Will it be option a or b or c ? If you remember that board thing then another confusion arises, will it be option b or e ? To avoid these types of confusions better memorize them and write them once on paper. Feel free to use the comments section below to reach us if you feel any more difficulties in preparation. All the Best.

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  1. in this pdf, read BSCS as BCBS
    BCBS : Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

  2. pls upload banking and financial awareness for all the month from January for the upcoming IBPS PO exam...

  3. Please prepare a single pdf file including all categories so that each n every link is not needed to browse.for IBPS PO 2014 please provide the syllabus


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