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September 15, 2013

RBI Assistants Interview Experience


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Friends, here is the Interview Experience of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Assistants shared by our friend from Odisha Mr. Satish Kumar Pradhan. We thank him on behalf of our readers and team members and we wish him great success in his interview.

Name - Satish Kumar Pradhan

Interview date - 13-09-2013
Post - RBI Assistant

Place - RBI Regional office Bhubaneswar

There were 4 people in the interview (One lady and 3 Gentlemen)

Document verification was started at 9:00 A.M.

I was the 1st per person to face interview (challenge)on that day , So it started on 10.10a.m.

1.What is the difference between publice and nationalised sector bank ?
1st question is i.m.p. maximum emphasis is on this question also time taking.
be very brave & cleverly answer it ,because this person is regional hr.manager. He will always trying to decieve you by asking more and more depth question...

2. Which sector you will choose (private/public) why ,which bank you have an account,why do not have a private bank account ?

3. Why Banking ?

4. How currency is delivered to market by  RBI ?

5.What is the fuction of Rbi ?

6. Question on your Native Place (the city which you belong compulsory )

7. What are the qulitative credit control of RBI ?

8. How credit and debit/credit card fraudlent is made ?

9.  Black money,

10. 3 questions on ur subject .

all are very friendly and exciting and marvelous

If you have any douts you can contact me at my Facebook Profile

All The Best :)
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  1. thank you very much for sharing experience I have on 24 sept mumbai

    My doubt is I am From Nagpur and applied for mumbai? What should be my ans for there Q...??

    1. For which kind of questions u r worried about ,prasannajit

    2. plz give ur mob no i m also from mumbai zone my in 3 oct

    3. give me ur mailID I will send on it...or eMail me...then I will thank u

    4. hey prsannajit...are u in??? plz contact me on s.shradh
      m also from nagpur applied fr mumbai

  2. oi oi thats tough Q's man, atleast for me

  3. Yesterday RBI assistant's final result was displayed on their roll number was there in the list of selected candidates..........but today they removed that list and when i called in their office they said rechecking is to be done.....i am confused what will there any possibility that my number will not be there in the rechecked list???? i m extremely tense.


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