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September 18, 2013

Banking Awareness Questions with Answers for IBPS Bank Exams - Set 3


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Bonds, Shares etc issued by Indian firms in European Capital markets are called as ?

Primary issues by non-financial sector or total physical asset information is called as ?

Health Code System introduced in 1985 aims at ?

A liquidity effect occurs under ?

A liquidity effect will normally result in an income effect because ?

CAR refers to ?

International Liquidity is regulated by ?

General currency area means those nations with which trade takes place in terms of ?

A currency which can not be used for setting international transactions because it doesnot command a value in the international market is called as ?

Head quarter of World Bank is located at ?

At present how banks have to classify their advances ?

To strengthen the capital base of banks which system was introduced for banks including foreign banks in India ?

Income recognition norms were tightened further from march 2004. As per those norms how an asset was classified as non-performing asset ?

How many million notes are driven out of circulation every year in India is about ?

Modernised currency notes press are under establishment at ?

India millennium deposit scheme was launched by which bank ?

The evaluation of total operations and performances of the banks was under which system since July 1997 ?

The route of merger or amalgamation of RRB's was suggested by which committe ?

Expansionary monetary Policy coupled with a contraction of aggregate supply should ?

In an inflationary period, the appropriate policy for the Reserve Bank of India would be to ?

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  1. Mam Plz post quick reference guide of current affairs for IBPS RRB Exam.

  2. shivani mam
    pls provide quick ref. guide of last six month.


  3. mam its two day left for rrb,

    1. We are working on it Friends. We will arrange it by today's night.


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