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August 02, 2013

Key with Explanations for the Sentence Correction Problems of English


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Friends, here is the key with detailed explanations to our previous post on English Sentence Correction Practice Problems for Bank PO Exams. So we request you to read that post here and try to solve on your own before seeing the solutions below. We hope all of you are ready with your answers. Now lets have a look the the answers with explanations. The underlined part is the error. 

1. The things I told you has been done.
Here we are talking about things (plural). So we should use have been instead of has been. The correct sentence is The things I told you about have been done.

2. I do not know why I felt so grief
* Here grief means Deep Sorrow
There are two errors in this sentence,
You shouldn't use the word so.
Here is grief is noun. So you can't feel grief (grammatically incorrect). 

So you can say I do not know why I feel so sad (instead of grief)

3. The old lady is poor stricken. 
*here stricken means "affected by being poor (poverty)).

here poor is an adjective, stricken is also a noun. We can't put them together. Its grammatically incorrect. So you can use the noun form of poor (poverty) so the sentence will be The old lady is poverty stricken.

4. I will drink milk today morning.
The above sentence is grammatically incorrect. You should say I will drink milk this morning. 

Some important points to remember :
Today morning --> This morning
Yesterday morning --> Last morning
Tomorrow morning --> The coming morning.

5. He said he will unable to help me.
You should use the be form after will. So the correct sentence is He said he will be unable to help me.

6. Not only is Javed handsome but also he is very friendly.
The correct structure of the sentence will be Not only is Javed handsome, but he is also very friendly.

7. Thus I have been lived alone for the past two years.
Have been is there. So, there should be an ing form. So the correct sentence is,
Thus I have been living alone for the past two years.

Important Note : I've been observing that people often confuse about the usage of for and since

for is used when you give the time duration. 
ex : for the past two years. for the last two weeks etc.

since is used when you give the starting point of the time.
ex : since 1980, since 1st July 2013 etc

8. This chapter comprises of seven sections.
Comprises of is grammatically incorrect. You should say consists of or just comprises. So the correct form(s) of the sentence will be,
This chapter comprises seven sections.
This chapter consists of seven sections.

9. The man was sweating proficiently.
We use the proficiently when somebody is really good at it. 
Ex : proficient driver, proficient dancer, proficient in a foreign language etc. Sweating is not a skill :P So we shouldn't use proficiently here. 

You can use profusely here if you want to express Extravagant / Abundant.

One more important point to note : Now a days everybody using "sweating" while talking about humans. But grammatically its a blunder. We use sweating only for animals. For humans you should use the word perspire. 
Animals ---> Sweats / Sweating
Humanbeings --> Perspire / Perspiring

So you can write, The man is perspiring profusely

10. I also have been sick too.
Here also and too, represent the same meaning. So you shouldn't use them both. Any one of them is enough. So you can say,
I have been sick too.


  1. Explanation for 10 Question is wrong. Explanation should be - Here 'also' and 'too' represents the same meaning instead of Here 'also' and 'sick' represents the same meaning.

    1. Yea, typing mistake friend. Thank you co much for the correction. Corrected it now.

  2. rlly its very useful website who prep bank exam i like it soooo much

  3. Plz can u give us ibps clerk 2012 papers.

  4. It's realy very useful notes ! Thanx a lot

    Please write more sentence like this in same way because this way is the best way for learn eng.

  5. can u explain the 6th d format not only but also...i thought may b answer is " not only is javed handsome but also very friendly "

  6. javed is not only handsome but also very friendly. can i write answer like this for 6th question mentioned above?

  7. its ok that we cant feel grief but what can we use with the word grief. can we use 'in'. The person is in grief. is it correct???

  8. 5 point he said he will be unable to help me
    is it right?
    sub + will be +v1 +ing helping
    plzzz explain mam

  9. very useful..thnks


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