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May 28, 2013

IBPS Specialist Officer Interview Experience - Banu Priya Seenuvasan


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Friends, our friend Banu Priya Seenuvasan, an MCA Graduate from Chennai has attended the Interview of IBPS Specialist Officers (IT Officers Scale II)  which was conducted Yesterday (27th May 2013). She is sharing her interview experience with us. We are very thankful for her contribution and wish her great success in her interview on behalf of all our readers and team members.

Name : Banu Priya Seenuvasan

Location : Chennai

Date & time : 27-05-2013  1.00 PM

Qualification : MCA

Experience : 1 yr 10 months in IT field

Post : I.T Officer Scale II (For candidates with experience)

Panel : 5 members (All were male, that too above 50yrs!)

Duration : 10 mins

 Hi friends,

 My interview was scheduled at 1 pm, but actually took place around 4 pm. They interviewed scale I candidates first and I was the 1st one among scale II. The panel members were very good and friendly, looked like senior employees of the banks (not sure). So I was pretty tensed. But the interview was cool. As soon as I entered I wished them and they too wished me by my name and asked me to take the seat. Out of 5 panel members only 2 persons were asking questions.

Questions asked in my IBPS Specialist Officers Interview were :

  • About qualification and the institute we studied, native. (They were impressed since I did MCA from NIT, Trichy)
  • IBPS score.
  • How we got the job (whether thru campus intvw/off campus), time taken for those interviews, period of work experience etc.
  • Reasons for leaving the job with a good package. (I resigned about an year ago)
  • Platform that I was working in. (Dot net)
  • They did not ask qstns on concepts (for scale I they asked basic concepts)
  • Mainly they were concentrating on how we have understood the nature of our work and processes in software field. Since I worked in Production Support project, they asked what exactly it is, about change management and software life cycle.

Some suggestions to Aspirants :

Be cool and confident. Have a good eye contact and a smile. Just admit if u don't have an idea about what they are asking. Don't try to bluff and make it up. They can easily find out if u do so. I frankly admitted that I don't know the technical term which they used. Even if 1 or 2 persons ask questions, try to face all the panel members while answering, of course starting with the person who asked. This will give a good impression to them. All the best!

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  1. wish u grt success .....!!!!!!
    whats ur score banu????

    1. Thanks shakthi :-) Mine was just 128. Cutoff for SC category is 124.

      - Banu

  2. Thanks akka. Useful for us :)

  3. CONGRAZ BANU. all d best

  4. what are ur scores?

  5. when is sbi clerk recruitment 2013 plz rply mam...!

    1. You can expect the notification by July first week Vinod.

  6. All the best sister

  7. There's one wrong advice in this. Never..ever.. look away from the person who asked the question. The employers are not looking for your public speaking and netagiri skills.

    1. Thanks for your inputs Akaashvaani. But my opinion is that only if u face everyone in the panel, u'll give an impression that u respect them as a panel member. However u should start answering facing the person who asked the qstn. Its just my opinion. Opinins may differ from person to person right? :-)

  8. Banu. .plz help me with the study pattern fr scale 1


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