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April 22, 2013

Questions Asked in SSC CGL Exam held on 21st April 2013


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Friends, here are the General Awareness questions asked in SSC - CGL ( tier-1) Exam  held on 21/4/2013 (southern region) shared by our friend Sargunam S. We are presently working on the pdf file of complete paper held on 21-04-2013 (both morning and evening shifts). You will get that soon. All the best and happy preparation :)

1.Which one of the following  is responsible for the working of newton color disc experiment?
a)      Formatiuon of pure spectre 
b)      Formation of impure spectra 
c)      Persistence of vision
d)     Principle of complementary colour
2.Dimension of mlt-2 coreesponds to ____________
3.Who is the founder of quantum theory of radiation___________--
4.Fibre optic cable usedin communication  work on the principle of____________

12. Bhopal gas tragedy  in i984 related to ______ans methyl isocyanide
13.The particulate matter exhaled from the polluted atmosphere is often filtered out during the process of____

24.Provison of citizenship in indian constitution become applicable in_________
25.Who gave the title of  sardar  to patel__________
according to marx the source value is_________
26.The national emergency i n India declared by the president of indiadue to the external aggression or armed revolt through? Itzz based on article
27.The community development programmed was launched in the year________
28.What satyagraha was held at nagpur 1923?
29.Which one of the following is not sect of buddhism?
30.Who was the viceroy when delhi become the capital of  british India_________
31.Whos established indian civil laboratries union in 1936_________
32.Which of the following established first?
a)      Baneras hindu university
b)      aligarh muslim university
c)      university of bombay
d)     university of allahabad
33.Yosmite is
a)      river
b)      waterfall
c)      dam
d)     peak
34. The first Indian satelite aryabhatta was launched in__________
35. Where is the shor based steel power plant located____
36.Which tow of the following are connected by the north south corridor?
a)      Srinagar and kanyakumari
b)      Mumbai and chennai
c)      Amristar and kolkatta
d)     Hydrabed and bhopal
37. The pollutants  which move downwardwith perlocating groudwater ground water are located
38.Lungs are located in_______________
39.Which one of the following ideal food for newborn babies? Ans. Milk
40.Trancription means the synthesis of_______
41.Hcl is secreted by the cells lining the____________
42.Emulsification is_________
43.Taxonomy    is  a sciencedeals with_________ ans classification
44. Martyr day is marked on__________
45.Who won world carrom champion ship 2012?______
46.The animal who consume more salt among the following_______
a)      Sheep
b)      Camel
c)      Dog
d)     Donkey
47.Which of the following is domestic airport__________
a)      Dablin airport ,goa
b)      Srinagar airport
c)      Devi ahilyabai holkar airport
d)     None
48.Tick the correct option with regards to the contribution  of gdp towards from agriculture__________
a)      during 1950-51(gdp 51.88%)2011-2012 (gdp 14.01%
b)      ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ ‘’‘’’’’’’’’(gdp 11.00%)’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’(gdp25%)
c)      ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’1990-1991(gdp 29.53%)’’’’’’’’’’’’’(gdp66.77%)
d)     ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’1980-1981(gdp35.69%)’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’(gdp20.69%)
49 which five year plan not correct?
a)      First 1951-56
b)      second 1956-61
c)      third 1961-66
d)     fourth1966-71

If you have any additions, reviews about the ssc cgl paper which was held yesterday (21/04/2013), please use the comments box below to comment. All the best :)


  1. Paper was somewhat tough admin....Is there a necessity to get pass marks in all the sections...?


  2. Post numerical ablity question

  3. there is no sectiona; cut off brother

  4. maths was not too tough but yes it was very time taking nearabout 25 questions of trignometry was there you have to draw diagrams and solve whereas others were in short paragrphs read solve and ans sooo yes you can say it was tough to solve in a short time so do concentrate to solve the rest of the part completely but correctly and give nearabout 30 to 35 min to maths and solve the max ques you can solve fast.thank u and best of luck dear friends .VIRAT SAROHA

  5. hai Admin,
    Can you please advise the book name for the preparation of CGL
    await your kind reply

  6. hello admin,

    can you please advise the book for the preparation getting confusing to select the books..pls advise

    await your prompt revert.

  7. awsome website.....
    vry useful information...thanks a ton

  8. can you please advise me the books for cgl 2014 preparation

  9. Can you please advice me the books for cgl 2014 preparation.Right now i am following lucent for GK.


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