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April 22, 2013

List of Interview Questions Asked in LIC ADO - Yamini Velagapudi


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Friends, here are the questions asked in LIC ADO Interview held on 16th April 2013 shared by our friend from Hyderabad, Yamini Velagapudi. We are very thankful to her for her contribution and we wish her great success in her interview. 

Name - Yamini Velagapudi

Interview Date - 16th April 2013

Interview Venue - Hyderabad Zonal Office

1.Tell us about ur family
2.most of the engineering candidates go with fancy salaries y r u in this field?
3.Can u differentiate between administrative and field job?
4.Do u attend any parties or family functions?what role to u play?
5.what are the extra curricular activities  did u participate in ur college? u knw the job profile of ado?
7.What is social networking?can u name a few social networking sites?
8.which country was worst effected by social networking sites?
9.What are the new rules laid down by TRAI on social networking sites? u thing u can do this job with ur abilities?
11.What do u knw abt LIC?
12.How do we knw dat u r an interactive person?
13.what are ur hobbies?what kind of movies do u watch?whats ur latest movie?
14.How can we trust u(will u jump to another job with more salary)
hope it will be useful :)


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