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April 22, 2013

Role / Job Profile of LIC ADO

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What is the Role / Job Profile of LIC ADO ? This is the common question the people have been facing in LIC ADO Interviews. So we have decided to give a brief answer for this question. First of all an Aprentice Development Officer (ADO) is the initial stage of Development Officer. In this stage you just work as a trainee / Apprentice. After that they will promote you as a Development Officer. Now lets see what answer you should give if you are asked about the roles of LIC ADO.

Roles / Job Profile of LIC ADO

An ADO (or DO) is a class II Officer of Life Insurance Corporation.  In this job they will allot you areas, and assign Marketing and Field Duties for those specified areas. An ADO has to Recruit and Train agents. He / She has to Procure new business from agents. And also has to Gather feedback of market trends. The ADO also has to provide after sales service to policyholders.

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