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April 26, 2013

Important Topics for SBI PO Descriptive Paper - Essay on Corruption


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Chanakya in ArthaSastra described about 22 forms of corruption. He also stated that, “As it’s impossible not to drink a drop of honey or poison on the tip of the tongue, it’s also impossible restrain a person in power from misusing it.”

Recent agitations led by Anna Hazare and his team against corruption in all forms attracted masses and gave birth to LokPal bill, which is in dormancy for the past 2 decades.

Points to be elaborated

  • Corruption refers to any form of misuse of power by government authorities for the well being of a few individuals expecting some favor in return.
  • Facts about scams in India: 2G spectrum scam – 1,76,000crore which is equal to amount needed to implement Right To Education (RTE) throughout the country.
  • Coal gate scam, where Prime Minister himself is accused of misusing powers.
  • Not only these many scams involving union ministers, chief ministers of states like Fodder scam of Bihar, Taj heritage corridor scam of UP etc. made people to lose confidence on the elected governments.
  • Mechanism to check this : Prevention of corruption act
  •  Establishment of CBI in 1963 on the recommendations of Santhanam Committee on Prevention of Corruption and CVC in 1964 to deal with cases of corruption.
  • Right to Information Act passed in 2005 gave the citizens right to know, which provided transparency in governing.
  • Lokayuktas established at state level to deal with corruption cases.
  • Recent LoKPal bill that is intended to provide ombudsman system for redress of public grievances etc.
  • Lacunae : Lack of political spirit to implement the laws
  • People unaware of their rights and laws made for their purpose
  • Illiteracy among Indian masses
  • Increase in money and muscle power in elections made mockery of democracy
  • Conclusion :  Saakshara Vipareetatve Rakshasa Bhavathi Druvam – SarvepalliRadhakrishnan
  • There’s a chance for people with too much knowledge becoming monsters.
  • It can be controlled only by vibrant civil society and educated masses.


  1. thanks a lot ......

  2. rti passed in 2005 mam .correction required

    1. Thanks for the update Ravi... Its a typing mistake. We will correct it :)

  3. and can we arite quotes of hindi as you have written in conclusion...

    1. Better to mention English quotes Prerna... But some times when situation demands you can use famous quotes of Hindi / Sanskrit. But its advisable to mention the meaning too in brackets... All the best

  4. Now-a-days elections are going pls prepare an essay on elections , politics, voting...if possible


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