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April 26, 2013

How to Score Maximum Marks in Essay Writing ?


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One of our friends, M.Sai Amrut, an NIT Graduate from Warangal has shared some valuable tips for Essay writing section of upcoming SBI PO Exam. We are very thankful to him on behalf of our readers and team members for his contribution. We hope these tips will helpful to you in your last time preparation. Read on....

Friends, There is very less time left for the exam, so I just want to share some tips on Essay Writing. There are 4 points you should keep in mind to score maximum marks in an essay type questions of SBI PO Exams. Those are :

1) Choosing the topic:

In SBI PO you will be given 3 topics and you have to chose one among them. 
    essay writing tips for sbi po exam
  • One of them will be related to Economy / Financial issues or something very close to it which we can attempt only if we have proper idea / knowledge on it.
  • One among the remaining two will be related to social causes like Dowry,Unemployment,Women empowerment e.t.c.
  • And the third one will be very very general topic like reading books,role of newspaper,television impacts e.t.c.
Well choosing first type of the topic that I mentioned above is not at all very good idea unless one has COMPLETE knowledge on it.

2) Introduction and Conclusion:

These are the very important parts of any essay. Your introduction should be awe-inspiring and it should be not more than three lines. Starting with a related quote is always a plus point.

And conclusion must be very clear, precise and it must be related to what you have stated in the whole essay.

3) How to start :

Pick any general topic (Because we can cover a lots of matter when we pick up a general topic). Think about the topic for few minutes. Make few questions on your topic like HISTORY / PRESENT USAGE / CAUSES / REASONS / ADVANTAGES / DIS ADVANTAGES / SOCIETY POINT OF VIEW e.t.c and finally your perception on it.

  • These keywords that I've given can be any depending on the topic.
  • Your body of essay should be minimum 2 paragraphs, 3 is preferable.

4) Be creative:

One thing what you have to understand is, the evaluator evaluates many papers and all what he come across are very common thoughts and views from maximum papers on any particular topic.You should be ahead of them, so be creative, state your view from a different perception and in a organized and coherent way. This will surely fetch you good marks.All the best :)


  1. Thanks mam , this will help me for coming NICL AO exam..

  2. please tell me upcoming notifications on bank exams 2014

  3. sir for essay how many page should write sir..

    1. before he ask to write an essay he mentions in how many words that essay must complete .so based on that u have to write

  4. thanku very very much


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