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April 26, 2013

My Interview Experience of LIC ADO - Vivek B

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My Name : Vivek.B

Place : Chennai.

Interview Location : Chennai Divisional Office II, Anna Nagar.

Time : 2 PM Slot.

lic aao interview experience
Age : 23, Fresher, With little experience in marketing.

Totally there were 30 members called for on the day. 15 for morning & 15 for afternoon batches & I was in afternoon batch as 14th guy.

After all the doc's verification we were waiting to give our interview. The person's in the Doc's verification section were very kind & respectful. There were as usual 3 members in panel [2 were ladies]. They were also very friendly & kind towards us.

I am an Engineering Graduate as such as most of us.

The questions were in general about LIC & job nature & our interests.

The ques which were asked to me are listed below,

1. Say about yourself ?
2.Do u have any work experience ? If any explain abt it ?
3.What do u know ad#bout DO & Its job nature ?
4.How do DO's recruit agents & what are the qualifications to be an LIC agent ?
5. What do u know about LIC ? Explain in brief ?
6. How does the fund in LIC being used for Govt explain ?
7.One of the panel member elaborated be about the job of DO & asked me about my interest to take over that job if offered. [since the job of DO is crucial & requires 24x7 work recruiting agents & its also a door to door process they said]
8.Ques abt insurance & its uses.
9.They also asked abt my interest if i were been selected & placed in an remote area...[Always be wise to ans these type of ques]
10. And few more ques were from
4.Current affairs.etc

The whole process of this interview for all the members lasted for around 7 to 10 mins. [But for me it was around 19 mins]. Since i was the last candidate i had time to notice these timing's & had a chance to interact with the previous persons to took interview.

Always keep a point to highlight your marketing / previous job experience if any before the panel [It should relate to the DO jobs nature, or else leave it. All the best.

We are very thankful to Mr Vivek on behalf of our readers and team members for his contribution and detailed Analysis of the Interview. We wish him great success in his interview. 

.... Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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