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March 21, 2013

Real Time Interview Experiences of IBPS Bank Clerks - Chandra Sekhar


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Friends, here is another Interview Experience of IBPS Clerks shared by our friend Chandrasekhar from Rajahmundry (Andhra Pradesh). We are thankful to him on behalf of our readers and team members for his sharing and we wish him great success in his interview. Read his interview experience in his own words. 

Name : A Chandra Sekhar

Qualification : MCA

Interview Venue : Vijayawada

Date : 18th March 2013 (1:PM)

My interview started at 6.30 pm.and time taken to complete was 15-20 Minutes. I entered into the room and wished all the members in the panel. My panel consists of 3 male and 1 female.

M1 : As u have completed MCA why do you come for bank job? Don't you think that you are over qulifed?
Answr : I said no I don't think like that I study for acquiring knowledge.

M1 : Why do u applied for Bank Job ?
realtime interview experiences shared by readersBanking sector 1of da fast growing sector with more stable, and providing wide range of employment. and for bank employ there is a great respect in society.
M1 : Tell abt ur family details
M2 : at present which party is in rolling?
M2 : what r the parties with the congress
m2 : why government in news nd what r the problem facing
answr;2G scam nd coruption
m2 : what is the rool of CAG
m2 : about present politics,issues
m2 : about kejriwal
m2 : what r ur view abt corruption in inda nd wat u r thoughts?
m2 : about lok pal bill
m3 : about akhilesh yadav? narendra modi nd nitish kumaryadav?
m3 : what is money laundering?
m3 : cabinet ministers home nd law minister?
m2 : what the meaning of hawalla?
m4 : nd last female what are your hobbies?
m4 : importance of your town?

i have answered for all questions, some of the answers on corruption and politics they laughed very much, itz a really friendly environment.
and friends in interview i did not get any question on banking and from my subject they just asked me on present issues reading newspaper really helped me.
and all the best!!!!!!
and i am very much thank full to Gr8ambitionZ the material for intrw special is help mee!!!!!!!!!

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  1. what is ur ibps score friend

  2. Wat is ur cwe score frnd?anu ur interview is in english r local language?

  3. please tell that u r selected or not after ur result came

  4. you have not been provisionally shortlisted for interview.


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