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March 21, 2013

IBPS Clerical 2 Common Interview Experience - Amita Sharma


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Friends, here is the Interview Experience of IBPS Clerks held on 19th March 2013 shared by our friend Amita Sharma from Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh). We are very thankful to her on behalf of our team members and readers for her great contribution and detailed analysis of the interview. We wish her great success in her interview. Read her experience in her own words.

Name : Amita Sharma

Qualification : MBA

Date of Interview : 19/03/13

Venue : Fazalganj, Kanpur

Panel : IV

My documents were verified, and my turn was 21st for the interview in panel IV..It was my first interview ever and was a nice experience.Hope this wud help to the candidates who are about to give the interview.

Finally after waiting a lot from 1 turn came around 5;20 pm.

I Softly knocked at the door and opend it slightly and said May I come in plz...they said yes..
there were 4 members 3 gentlemen and 1 lady...
I wished them gud evening.
They said have ur seat..
I sat and made myself luk confident..
1st sir asked "apka nam kya hai? i replied
than about family..i replied..
then asked "have u cleared any other exam?"
then asked about qualifications and their ending years..i replied
then asked about my subjects in MBA?I replied after thinking a while..
then he asked what have u learnt from leadership management..i replied after thinking for few seconds..
then he asked tell me any movie name which have seen and in which some leadership is shown...this ques was a little un thout for few seconds...then again he re-structured the ques (i mean any film related to sports aur anything in which u shaw leadership,i m not talking about political film)...Then i answered Chakh de..
Then again a cross ques he asked.."what have u learnt from that film?" i answered..
He was satisfied with my answer and smiled..
then he asked questions related to management..
like " what are the theories related to leadership have u learnt?"i answrd..
then he was discussing with me about the theories,i participated actively..
Then he asked a tricky and very lengthy ques giving a situation in a company?as the q was very lengthy and voice was also not audible..i didnt understud the q..i said pardon sir..can u plz repeat the q...then again he restructured the ques in short(now i understud,i answered as per my knowledge..he raised another q related to it,becoz i think he wasnt satisfied with my answer)
now the 1st sir ended his query and he asked the second sir to ask me if he have any query..
now 2nd sir started..
what do call a non operative a/c.?i didnt understud the ques..
then he again explained "what is the term used for a/c which is not oprated for years,and is constant,like an a/c having 100 rupees,and the account holder havnt done any transation since years,neither drawn nor deposited...then what wud call tat a/c?
i said sir i dont have an idea about such a/c,but i will try to answer the ques..i did some guesses..but they were the 1st member answered me the right ans and started explaining it...i said ok sir thank you..
Now that 2nd sir asked the 3rd sir whether he want to ask any ques...he said no...then now came the turn of the lady..
she asked tell me about the types a/c?i answered..she ended her query..
now again 1st sir started asking "if ur posting is in rural village,will u go?"i replied yes...
then he argued and tried to make my ans a no..
he said"i was once posted in a village and their was only one table, no electricity, no was very difficult for u are also not used to village atmosphere, how wud u manage? "this time i answered him a little lengthy ans and gave a reason which satisfied last he smiled..and said thats all..

I said thank you to all..and exited..

Hope this wud help u..i dont know what wud b the result,,whether i left a gud impression or bad..but it was a very nice experience to me..they were very much experienced guys and gentle and wise..ALL D BEST TO ALL..

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