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March 20, 2013

IBPS CWE-II Clerk Common Interview Experience - Manmohan Singh


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Friends, here is the IBPS Common Interview Experience of Clerks shared by our friend Mr Manmohan Singh. He has attended the interview conducted by IBPS for the recruitment of clerks on 17th March 2013 at Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh). We are thankful to him for his helping nature and we wish him great success in his interview. Here is his interview experience in his own words.

Name : Manmohan Singh

Interview Date : 17th March 2013

Interview Venue : Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh)

Panel : II

Hi Friends, Myself Manmohan Singh from Bareilly I am sharing my IBPS CWE-II Clerk Common Interview experience with you so that it will be useful for you.

There are 4 members in panel 3 male & 1 female

I wished them Good Afternoon and they also wished me and asked to sit.

The Questions asked were

P1- Are you PM ? (they asked this bcoz my name is Manmohan Singh)
P2- what is difference between you and Prime Minister
P1- are you from where
P1- What is your qualification
P2- you are computer science graduate so why do you want to join clerical
P4(F)- Tell me about your family
P2- Tell me 5 names of Prime Ministers who were from UP
P2- what do u like hardware or software and why
P1- what is LED and LCD, which one is best and why
P1- assume hard disk of a PC is full then how we can store some more data in it without delete any store data
P2- full form of RAM
P2- how we can increase the speed of pc
P2- do u know about RBI, tell me function of it
P1- who is governor of RBI presently
P2- what is current issue about banks related to money laundering
P2- tell me about CRR
P1- how will we design a software
P2- what is BASIC

P3 did not ask any question he was just staring at me (he might have observing my behavior and body language) and female panelist asked only one question.  They asked me all the question in Hindi and I gave some answers in Hindi and Some in English. My interview was average according to my answers

Thank You and Best of Luck to all.

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  1. what is your qualification?

  2. How to share ma interview experience??

    1. Just mail us to "" we will update friend.

  3. any one from hyderabad koti attend the interview

  4. anyone from allahabad(uttar pradesh attended the interview)

  5. any one from hyderabad gachibowli centre attend the interview

    1. Yes, I faced interview at Gachibowli on 20th March 2013 at 08:30am. How is experience of your interview. Share with me.

  6. yes, i gave my interview at allahabad on 20th of march it ws in panel-II.
    It consisted of 4 members including a lady. The panel was of friendly behaviour. As i am an MA in english i ws told to recite a sonnet and other questions were asked from my paper.
    That days newspaper's headline was focused on tamil movement so one of the member asked my view on the same. At last the lady asked me to gv my view on women empowerment. They asked me few questions in english and few in hindi and i too replied in the same manner. Now waiting for the interview results with my fingers crossed. Lets see what happens.


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