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March 27, 2013

IBPS Clerks Interview Experiences - Saravana Kannan


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Name        : J.Saravana kannan

Venue        : Madurai

Interview date    : 21-03-2013(morning)

Panel        : one

My interview time is 8.30.I reached the venue at 8 o clock.
We were waiting in a room for verification. The verification exactly started at 8.30.All the verifying staffs are very friendly. I am the 5th person in my panel so my verification finished at 9 o clock itself. We are requested to wait in the 2ndfloor(where the interview held)  by the same staffs.The interview started at 10 o clock. And finally my turn would come
Me    : Excuse me sir may I get in
I1    : please come
When I entered the oldest person in the panel said he is looking so young
Panel members (3 gentile men, 1madam)
Me     :A very good morning sirs and a very good morning mam
I1    : please sit down
Me    : thank you sir
I4    : tell about yourself and your family
Me    : I said something about me
I1    : how you say you are hard worker?(because I said my character is my polite manner and I am a hard worker)
Me     : because of my hard work I am in front of you sir
I1    : what’s your % in your degree? Which is your rank?(something question asked and I answered)
I1    : how many languages you know and do you want to learn any languages?
Me    : sir I know Tamil and English and I want to learn Sanskrit and Hindi
I1    :why you want to learn Sanskrit saravanan?
Me    : sir most of the Vedas are in Sanskrit and I want to learn so sir
Mam    : how many Vedas are there and what are there?
Me    : I answered and many questions rose from Vedas and bhagavad gita I answered
And some questions from basic bank works, and my family members finally
Mam    : who is mallala?
Me    : she is a 15 year old Pakistani girl attacked by terroristsmam
I1    : for what?
Me    : because she struggled for women’s education in Pakistan
I1    : ok saravanan your interview is over
I thanked all of them
My interview time is 10 minutes all the questions asked in my language (tamil)

Suggestions : Don’t worry about questions. They asked only the questions which we known I was asked by Veda’s means I picked them into that topic because I know something about it.Questions asked in your language so be cool answer boldly friends
All the best all of you friends…….

We are very thankful to Saravana Kannan on behalf of our readers and team members for his contribution and analysis. We wish him great success in his interview. 

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  1. plz provide quick reference guide for sbi po

    1. Sure Nivetha... let this month be completed.. we will upload it by the first week of the next month :)

  2. Hi saravanan thanx for ur sharing of xperience, When they asked u in Tamil whether u r replied in Tamil r english?..

  3. Hi saravanan thank for ur sharing of xperience, when they asked questions in Tamil whether ur replied in tamil r english?...

  4. Thank u saravanan. The information u provide is very informative. Thank u so much.


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