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March 27, 2013

Expected General Awareness Questions for SSC CGL 2013


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Friends, finally we managed to give you the study material for the upcoming SSC CGL exam 2013. For Apti and Reasoning we have already provided you with plenty of materials. Now we have planned to concentrate on General Awareness section. This is the first set of General Awareness (Geography) section. We will update remaining sets and sections soon. We hope this will help you doing better in SSC CGL 2013. All the best and happy preparation :)

1.       The lowest layer of the atmosphere is
a.       Stratosphere
b.      Thermosphere
c.       Troposphere
d.      Mesosphere

2.       The konkan railway connects
a.       Goa – mangalore
b.      Roha – Mangalore
c.       Kanyakumari – Mangalore
d.      Kanyakumari – Mumbai

3.       Bark of this tree is used as a condiment _____
a.      Chinnamon
b.      Clove
c.       Neem
d.      Palm

4.       How much of the Earth’s land surface is desert?
a.       1/10th
b.      1/5th
c.       1/3rd
d.      1/6th

5.       Which of the following is called the ‘shrimp capital of India’ ?
a.       Mangalore
b.      Nagapatnam
c.       Kochi
d.      Nellore

6.       River Indus originates from
a.       Hnidukush range
b.      Himalayan range
c.       Karakoram range
d.      Kailash range

7.       Which of the following is the smallest bird ?
a.       Pigeon
b.      Parrot
c.       Humming bird
d.      House sparrow

8.       The world’s only floating national park is situated in
a.      Manipur
b.      Kaula lampur
c.       Bilaspur
d.      Dispur

9.       Which of the following folk/tribal dances is associated with Uttar Pradesh ?
a.       Veedhi
b.      Thora
c.       Tamasha
d.      Rauf

10.    Sea breeze is formed during
a.      Day time
b.      Night time
c.       Both
d.      Seasonal

11.    What percentage of world’s freshwater is stored as glacial ice?
a.       50%
b.      10%
c.       70%
d.      30%

12.    Which one of the following rivers of India does not make a delta ?
a.       Ganges
b.      Godavari
c.       Mahanandi
d.      Tapati

13.    The pass located in himachal Pradesh is
a.      Shipkila
b.      Zojila
c.       Nathula
d.      Jelepla

14.    Which one of the following state has longest coastline ?
a.       Maharashtra
b.      Tamil nadu
c.       Gujarat
d.      Andhra Pradesh

15.    Match the following and select the correct answer from the codes given below :
Producing State
             a)      Tea
           1)      Himachal Pradesh
             b)      Sugarcane
           2)      Assam
             c)      Groundnut
           3)      Uttar Pradesh
             d)     Apple
           4)      Gujarat
a.       A-2, b-4, c-1, d-3
b.      A-2, b-3, c-4, d-1
c.       A-3, b-2, c-1, d-4
d.      A-4, b-3, c-1, d-2

16.    An example of false fruit is
a.      Apple
b.      Guava
c.       Mango
d.      Tomato

17.    For how many years have the dinosaurs been extinct ?
a.       About 25 million years
b.      About 65 million years
c.       About 100 million years
d.      About 135 million years

18.    A geostationary satellite revolves round the earth rom
a.       East to west
b.      West to east
c.       North to south
d.      South to north

19.    The rear side of the moon was photographed by
a.       Viking
b.      Viking II
c.       Luna III
d.      Mariner IX

20.    Which phenomenon do bats or dolphins use to find prey, predators or obstacles ?
a.       Refraction of sound
b.      Formation of beats
c.       Scattering of sound
d.      Echo location

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    1. Working on them Kalpana... We will upload them by this weekend... Thanks for the suggestion :)

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  9. Falsu fruit is apple.. not tomato

  10. apple is known as forbidden fruit or the fruit of knowledge mythically

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  12. apple is knwn as false cz it developed from thelemus nt frm ovary.ovary developed fruits are calld true fruits.

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