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March 26, 2013

Bank Interview Experiences - IBPS Clerks - Shelza Khurana


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Name - Shelza Khurana Girdhar

Interview Date - 23 March,2013

Venue - Syndicate Bank Regional Bank,JLN Marg, Jaipur

Qualification - M.Sc. Computer Science, Diploma in Animation

It was a wonderful experience.I reached there by 8:30 am. As i entered the hall i was told to sit in the waiting area. Verification was already started on time. As Interview panel reached by 9 am. Interview started by 9:30 am.
My verification was done and my turn came very early.My interview was is Hindi.

There were 4 members (Three Male, One Female (M1, M2, M3, F1))

As i entered the hall, i wished Good morning to all.
All of them replied and said good morning.

I was asked to sit. I said thnx and it started this way.

M1- Your name is Shelza Khurana Girdhar.
   I said-Yes Sir.
M2- Why Its Shelza Khurana Girdhar (Exactly Whats You name?)
   I replied as Shelza Khurana is my name before marriage and Girdhar is my husaband's Name. I don't have documents with surname Girdhar So i put both.(They were very happy to hear my answer.)
M1- So you are from Punjab and applied in Rajasthan.
    I replied as Rajasthan is my maternal place and i m from Sri Ganganagar, so i applied here.
M2- What is the difference you felt in Rajasthan and Punjab?
    I replied that Sri Ganganagar is in Rajasthan but its a Punjabi belt. People here are Punjabi and Rajasthani both. So i was very confortable shifting there and enjoyed both cultures in my life.

M3- Why Punjab is called Punjab?
  I said because Its Punj(Five) +Aab(Water)
  Yahan 5 nadiyaan hai
M3- Which are those rivers?
  I said Satluj and all others i couldn't remember so I said sorry.

M2- You are a Science graduate and PG in Computer Science?
    I replied that my parents always supported me to do what you like. So i did M.Sc. and did Animation from Delhi, worked there in Educational Institutes. (tell them those topics and the subjects which you know you can answer well.)

M2- What does your father do?
I told he is not well these days. He is a Law graduate and had Bicycle store in my hometown.

M3- You did Computers and Animation then why Banking?
 I clearly said that  I couldn't get good job in main stream So my experience was in Office management and Admin and I taught  Computers to Clerical and PO aspirants  at a Banking Institute. My interest was created and i started preparing for Banking after my marriage. ( Be clear at your words and make them clear that you want job here.)

M3- So you know about Animation and movies?
    I said 'Yes'
M3- So have you have heard about Uncle cruse from Donald Duck?
    I expalined
M3- Goofy?
    I told.
M3- Recently released an Animated movies?
  I told about Roadside Romeo, Avataar...
M3- No,No, One movie recently released got may awards-Life of Pie?
 I suddenly remembered all facts and told that this movie got 2-3 Oscar awards and got Tourism award from Indian Govt for encouraging Indian Tourism.
 They were satisfied.
Then they asked the Female Interviewer to start.
F1- You are from Sri Muktsar Sahib Punjab. It is famous for its Gurudwaras.
   I told about Gurudwaras.
F1- There is celebrated a Mela.
    I told its Maghi ka Mela.
 F1- Kab celebrate karte hain?
    I told it starts on Makar Skranti( 14 January) and lasts for a month.
F1- Ok why is it celebrated?
    I told the whole story.(She was satisfied)
F1- Ok your home town in Sri Ganganagar. What is famous there?
    I was not sure what to tell?
F1- Some Fruit?
    I said yes, our Kinnu(Kind of Orange) is very famous. and Mr. Balwant Singh prepared seedless Kinnu and its exported all over India.

M1- Ok So You might have heared about Financial Inclusion? Whats that?
    I explained that this is the plan as Govt wants to connect people to Banking system from every city,village and district with population more than 2,000
M2- Why?
    I explained so that they can have banking facilities like loan and savings & will be connected directly to govt.
M1- So how govt is connecting and what govt is doing for people?
 I was nt sure about the answer. They understood and explained again
M1- You might have understood Govt is providing Subsidies to People. What is base behind that?
One should reply its direct transfer from govt to people and and there is no "bicholia"- Direct Transfer"
But I said its base is UID( Adhaar Card)
M1- Ok who is Chairman of UID?
   I said Mr. Sinha.
M1- No.....
   I said then i don't know.
M1- UID Chairman Nadan Nilekani
   I said Sorry.
M1- Ok then are your ready for Rural Area?
   I said no problem with rural area, i used to live alone in Delhi for four years.But it might be better if its near my home town(because i m married.)
M1- No, No Its totally different from living in Delhi. you will get rural area near Banswara. Not near ur home town(With Smile)
   I said No prb at all, De dijiye.(Every One smiled.)
I thanked all of them and left the room.

Suggestions : I would like to suggest all the aspirants to read news papers and discuss Topics with you seniors, family and friends. I really wanna thank and Akash Gautam for his blog. These people have given platform for Banking aspirants to come and share their experiences. Interviewers are really friendly if you are confident. They just want to see your patience and the way you react to their questions. Be patient and Prepare well about Yourself and be prepared because they will ask questions from your life and experiences only.

We are very thankful to Shelza Khurana on behalf of our readers and team members for her great contribution and analysis. We wish her great success in her interview. 

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  1. nice of luck...

  2. great work shelza.mam u have done good interview..nice chance to select..wats ur score ..if that one good then u will get job wishes for u..

  3. u r the lady who publish real interview experience other people only show their attitude u definately select b'cause u show ur eagerness towards job best of luck

  4. Thnx a lot friends... my score is 124... :)

  5. Great where asked many things....My Interview went only for 5 minutes.....was just asked"whether i know marathi or not(as i am from maharashtra)-and whether i am willing to work in rural areas or not- thats it" the only difference was my interview was held at last around 7 pm in the evening.....and also asked my exam marks(i got 129 marks)....Hope that they dont fail me in the personal interview round.... :( ----waiting for interview result eagerly.

  6. I have govt given caste certificate..Is it necessary to take IBPS prescribed format caste certificate?pls help me

  7. I have govt given caste certificate..Is it necessary to take IBPS prescribed format caste certificate?pls help me

  8. they found you as a long term employee in banking sector... nice!!!!!!


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