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February 14, 2013

SBI PO Descriptive Paper Essay Writing - Introduction


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In real life situations we express our feelings, ideas and thoughts largely through the spoken medium where as in academic situations expressing and thinking is done mainly through writing. The ability to collect, select, arrange and use information is developed through essay writing. While writing an essay aspirants are constantly judging, analyzing, self examining and self correcting. Thus writing an essay can be looked at as an exercise in thinking and self understanding. This is the main reason why they ask you to write essays in bank exams' descriptive paper.

The word "essay: means to try, to attempt. When you write an essay, you attempt to explain the topic to the best of your knowledge and ability. It is the similar to the exercise of expansion of the topic (simply we can say that this is just the opposite of precis writing).

Essays can be classified as Narrative, Descriptive, Expository, Reflective and Imaginative.

Narrative Essay :

A narrative essay is a narration of some event or incident. The narrative can cover historical events (the 1857 mutiny); social events (a marriage or festival); incidents like  an accident or earthquake; a journey or a story.

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay deals with the description of a place or a thing. It can describe a historical building (Lal Quila or Charminar); a city or town (Hyderabad or Delhi); a botanical garden or a Zoo etc

Expository Essay

An Expository essay consists of an explanation or exposition of a subject it can be an exposition of a scientific process (how computers work)l a biological phenomena (how our respiratory system works); or a literary topic (all that glitters is not gold).

Reflective Essay

A reflective essay, as the name suggests, is a reflection or thoughts on some subject. It can contain arguments, debate and discussion which could also be abstract in nature. It may deal with philosophy or theology (science and religion), social or political problem (is democracy suitable for india); abstractions (does God exist) or general thought provoking subjects.

Imaginative Essay

In imaginative essay you have to imagine a position or situation such as 'if I were the prime minister; or if all the motor cars are banned, autobiography of a washing machine etc.


  1. Mam can u upload some essay topics for sbi po

    1. sure freda.. we will upload some examples by this weekend.

  2. thnk you mam,,really lukin frwrd to the examples,,,

  3. I really like your site for the kind of Data you have and also the style of narration. M question, what is the length of essay in terms of words asked in PO examination ?

    1. Essay will be of 250 words approx Prashant.

      For more details check the Model Descriptive paper of SBI PO Here

      HOpe it helps

  4. Read Full Report about the great American essays that provides detailed information about the historical facts, as it will help understanding the right techniques of writing history based essays.

  5. Dear mam,

    Could you please provide some social topic of Essay with explained point for upcoming SBI Management Executive Descriptive exam ?


  6. plz provide us topics or essy/letter names for sbi-po im eagerly waiting......vipin

  7. mam i need some help in report writing


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