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February 01, 2013

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience - RAHUL KUMAR


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Friends, here is the IBPS PO Common Interview Experience shared by our friend from Jharkhand Mr Rahul Kumar. We would like to thank him on behalf of our readers and the team members of Gr8AmbitionZ for his great contribution in helping other aspirants. We wish him great success in his interview. Here is his common interview experience in his own words.

SCORE – 147

I am BCA graduate with 68% of marks and have done MBA in Marketing with 75% marks. Currently working as Sr. Marketing Officer at Kent RO systems ltd, Noida. (Managing a team of 5 people, and have total experience of two years…)
I entered the interview room at 12.05 p.m.  There were 4 male members in the panel. (M1, M2, M3, M4)
I wished them Good afternoon, they replied with same. They offered me chair to sit, I thanked them.
M1- Introduce yourself  Rahul?
ME- Answered properly
M1 – Then he asked about the company and my work over there?
ME- Answered properly
M1 – Where is Mahatma Ghandi Road in Ranchi?
ME- Answered with some hesitation
M1 – Are you sure Rahul?
ME- Yes sir I am sure.
M2 – Why Ranchi was in the news from last few days?
ME -  Answered ( Opening of a new international cricket stadium and the Presidential rule in Jharkhand)
M2- Then he asked, who are the advisors of Governor of Jharkhand and their background???
ME- Answered Properly
M2- What do you think Rahul, Will Presidential  rule  be helpful in the development of Jharkhand in comparison to the last government?
ME- Answered Properly ( With facts and Figures)
M2- Suppose we will make you the Chief Minister of Jharkhand , what will you do to develop Jharkhand?
ME- Again Answered properly with facts and figures
M3- Is C & T rule acting as hindrance in the development of Jharkhand??
ME- yes sir….explained
M3-  Under which section Tribal people are defined..
ME- dint answer ( sorry sir, I don’t know the answer )
M3- What is BASEL?
ME- Answered
M3- What is Basel-II and Basel-III and what is the difference between them??
ME- Answered
M3- what are the new amendments in the Banking Regulation Act??
ME- Answered Properly
M4- What do you think about FDI?
ME- Answered (Also  had discussion with the M3)
( These were the  Main questions they asked. Apart from these they were also cross-questioning me on my answers and facts and figures told by me. I felt they were testing the depth of knowledge.)
Then they said Thank you Rahul…. And I wished them and came out of the room…..   The interview lasted for around 30 minutes…. 

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  1. Good Explnation.. All the best bro

  2. how many marks did u got rahul

  3. u must have got the final selection,,well done

  4. 30min ka interview hota hai... dimag sahi hai na???

  5. Aadhe ghunte ka interview hota hai... dimag sahi hai na

  6. very good explenation but


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