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January 31, 2013

SBI Associates Clerks Interview Experience - Vinodhini


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Friends, here is the Interview Experience of State Bank of India (SBI) Clerks shared by our sister Miss Vinodhini Thanasekharan from Madurai. We wish her great success in her interview and we are really very thankful to her on behalf of all our aspirants and team members for her detailed analysis of interview and for her Inspiring Suggestions for Aspirants. Here is her interview experience in her own words.

Name : Vinodhini Thanasekaran T

Date of Interview : 30-1-13 

Venue : Madurai

Time : 12 pm

After rigorous certification verification I got my turn by 2.30.I was the 6th member in my panel. I wished them as I entered the room I wished them. 3 male and 1 female members.  They asked me to take my seat I said thank u

M1-Did u had ur lunch
Me-No sir
M1-Its already late ok fine I ll finish ur interview soon.U go and have soon
Me-Ok sir(with smile)
M1-ok r u comfortable? Even we r not comfortable in certain areas
Me-s sir I am comfortable(smiled)
M1-y don’t u tell abt u so that we can also know abt u
Me-As soon as I started with my college he interrupted and asked abt my college I said and cleared his doubt
M1-Y u chose that college?
Me-I said. Then he confused with my native and Madurai later everyone cleared his doubt(he is completely new to tamil nadu) Asked abt my native. I said
M1-y don’t u tell abt Madurai?Tell whatever u know and also tell what all economic activities going on here?
M1-y banking? Y u didn’t go for IT?
Me-Expected as I am engg student
M1-But in IT u can earn more money
Me-Explained again well.
M1-What u did after finishing ur college?u don’t have any experience?
Me-I explained abt marketing I had. Then he asked abt nature of job discussion went on for few min
M1-Ok u have marketing exp also u have any bank account( I said yes) Being a customer what do u expect from bank
Me- I said.Some discussion went again
M1- ok u get 10lk through lottery?where ll u invest bank or retail?
Me-I said bank as we ll get rate of interest and also its very safe
M1- What abt gold investment?
Me- Explained he said fine
M1- Tell me what all merits and demerits ok gold investment?
Me- I said. He smiled and looked next member
M2-Who is SBI chairman?
M2-Who is governor of RBI?
M2-Who is chairman of planning commission of india?
Me-Said.He looked next lady
L-Which is the second public sector bank in india?
Me-Got confused.Said I don’t know
L-She said that’s ur father bank only rite(pnb) All panel member laughed.What is RTGS?
L-What is mobile banking?What all u ll do with that ?Do u have mobile account?
Me-Said.She looked next member
M3-Tell some telecom industry in india
M3-Later he asked abt some company. I said I don’t know sir. He looked first person again.
M1-Ok vinodhini tell some character that suits u for working in bank (current went and came in a min)
Me-I said. He want me to tell some more. I said again
M1-Ok vinodhini u were completely patience in answering all question (as I mentioned that).Thank u.All the best
Me-I wished them back and came out.

My suggestions to the Aspirants :  I asked about other candidate experience in my hall. Everyone have diff exp and faced diff question so don’t expect anything. But everyone’s exp was also simple. It does completely depend on their mood. But be prepared for simple bank terms, some practical questions, your subject basic questions, current affairs and some common expected interview. They are really friendly so do with confident


  1. Ya. you r true. As i went for interview last year, they asked me who was Dr. Naresh Tehran (as i'm working in Medical Transcription). This question is not related to my field, but they were asked (bcoz i am in Healthcare BPO). I told dont know sir and asked who is he? but they refused to tell me and i searched thru net, he is a cardiac surgeon of President of India since 1991. So friends, we can't suggest wat type of questions they would ask. It fully depends on their mind. I suggest you to know abt your field and also your subject knowledge, and also the newspaper events that u have read for the past 1 week before your interview. They would ask mainly through this only other than banking questions bcoz they knew that d candidates dont know very detail of the bank.

  2. what is character certificate?
    where can i download that?
    here it is unable to to download that.

  3. mam sbi asso. call letter me likha h ki travelling fair bi diya ths true plz confirm ths.....

  4. Miss Vinodhini is travelling fair is also given by sbi....plz reply me

    1. yes Ajay sbi has given tarvelling fare i received Rs.142.


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