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January 29, 2013

Taiwan Business Man Launches Tang Prize - The Nobel Prize of Asia


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Samuel Yin,one of the richest businessmen of Taiwan has launched Tang Prize, an Asian equivalent of the Nobel Prize (ofcourse, even more lucrative than the Nobel we must say) Yesterday (Monday 29th Jan 2013). Samuel Yin, the Taiwanese businessman who is the head of the sprawling Ruentex business empire which has invested heavily in China, said that by donating Tw$3 billion ($101 million) for the Tang Prize he had fulfilled one of his biggest dreams.
“I hope that the prize will encourage more research that is beneficial to the world and humankind, promote Chinese culture and make the world a better place,” he said in a statement released by the prize foundation.

What is this Tang Prize ?

Tang Prize is a prize inspired by Nobel, which aims to reward major achievements in the fields of science in a similar manner to the European Nobel Prize, only with bigger cash prizes, while also supporting research.

The origin of Tang Prize

The Tang Prize is named after China’s Tang Dynasty (618-907), which is much admired by Yin. The dynasty has inspired generation after generation with admiration for its vibrant characteristics of self-confidence and cosmopolitan inclusiveness, which are the qualities that the Tang Prize seeks to promote, said the award committee.

Award Details

Tang Prize is going to Begin in 2014. These prizes will be awarded for every two years in four different categories to individuals, regardless of nationality.
The awards are 
  • Sustainable development
  • Biopharmaceutical science
  • Sinology and 
  • The “rule of law”

  Prize-money details

The winner in each category will receive Tw$50 million ($1.7 million), compared to the eight million Swedish kronor ($1.2 million) that comes with a Nobel Prize.


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