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January 30, 2013

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience - Sudha


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Friends, our friend from Andhra Pradesh Miss Sudha has attended to IBPS Common Interview of POs on 15th January 2013. She is sharing her Interview Experience with us. We are thankful to her for her great contribution on behalf of our readers and the Gr8AmbitionZ team members. We wish her good luck for the Interview. Here is her Interview Experience in her own words.

Name : Sudha
Interview Date : 15th January 2013

Interview Venue : Tirupathi

Interview Panel : 4 Members (All were men)

Me : May I get in Sir!
Panel : Yes, come in.
Me : Good Afternoon Sirs.
Panel : Good Afternoon, Take your seat.
Me : Thank you sir.  ( while sitting)
Panel : What are your parents?
Me : I answered . 
Panel : Ok. In which department your father worked?
Me : I answered.
Panel : ok.
Panel : What is a Bank?
Me : I said, “ Bank is a financial institution where people deposit their money to keep it safe & get some rate of interest. Banks will channels those deposits in the form of loans at certain rate of interest”.
Panel : Being a B.Tech graduate, why banking job?
Me : I said, “ I’m interested in banking and it is a vast industry . Also there is growth in career opportunities, so I have chosen banking industry sir”.
Panel : Ok, you have chosen banking industry, then can you work anywhere?
Me : Definitely sir.
Panel : Anywhere! (with smile)
Me : Yes sir. (with smile)
Panel : In Gujarat? ( with smile)
Me : Yes sir.
Panel : Ok. Do you know about something called RBI?
Me : Yes sir.
Panel : Tell about its functions.
Me : I said, “ 1. RBI is the central bank of India, 2. It issues currency notes, 3. It controls inflation by controlling CRR,SLR rates “. ( I know this answer very well but I forgot everything at that moment. I searched for words and didn’t answered well , I felt flurry).
Panel : Tell any other functions.
Me : I said, “ 1.RBI acts as a banker to banks, 2.RBI acts as banker to Central government”.
Panel : Yes ( They looked satisfied now with these points) and corrected me “Not only for central govt but also for state govt”.
Me : Yes sir.
Panel : Asked some bank related question ( I do not remember question now).
Me : I said, “ Sorry sir, I have no idea”.
Panel : The same person asked another bank related question ( I do not remember question now).
Me : I said, “ Sorry sir, I have no idea”.
Panel : What is deposit account?
Me : I Said, “ It is the account where people deposit their money to keep it safe and can earn some interest”.
Panel : What is IMPS?
Me : I said, “ I know it but I couldn’t recollect now sir, sorry”.
Panel : Do you want any clue?
Me : Yes sir.
Panel : “ Mobile” (he explained bit answer).
Me : I said, “ Yes sir, It is used for the transactions to be done through mobiles.”
Panel : What is RTGS?
Me : I said, “ RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement. It is bit similar to NEFT but with some difference. It is used to transfer amount from one account of one bank to another account of another bank. RTGS starts its transaction with minimum of Rs.2Lakh”.
Panel : Will they charge for it?
Me : I Said, “ Yes sir, there will be certain amount as commission”.
Panel : Did you attend for any other interview?
Me : No sir, this is my first banking interview.
Panel : Ok. All the Best.
Me : Thank you sir.
Then, I left….

I did it well and hoping for the best :)

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  1. How many marks u got in po

  2. The best posted Interview Experience. Great work Sudha, the way you have posted this is truly nice. This is the way we should post the Experience rather than using SMS language/ Great work. Thanx

  3. Thank you a lot sudha you are update with answers is superb it is useful for us too much....

  4. Thanks Sudha for spending time in posting this. It helps bank aspirants very much from Manoj murali.

  5. 1 doubt... u got selected?? pls tell how many marks u got in written? and final % of marks??? pls post them

  6. thanks for sharing nd all the best for further


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