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December 12, 2012

IBPS Bank PO Interview Experience - UCO Bank


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Friends, as you know we've already posted Common Interview Preparation tips and Interview Experiences of our friends. You can read them Here. But this Interview Experience is little special to us. Because it is of our little sister's. Well, Miss Iyeswarya Uthirapathy from Tamilnadu is going to share her IBPS PO interview experience and some preparation tips. Here is her interview experience in her own words.

Name of the Bank : UCO Bank
Post Applied : Probationary Officer (PO)

2male(1male from North), 1female(North)
ME: Good Afternoon Madam Good Afternoon Sirs
M1,M2,F1: Good afternoon
M2: take your seat
ME: thank u Sir
M1: Y don’t you try private jobs
ME: Sir, I tried 3 to 4 IT sector jobs but I couldn’t  make into final
M1: Did you analyse y u are not get into final?
ME: (I put the blame on my college….)
M1: K ur college s also a reason But I ask did u analyse yourself?
ME: Sir, through offcampus I feel very tough to enter IT sector and also I don’t like to work in IT Sector.
M1:what about other type of jobs except IT?
ME: Sir, (I am from ECE) right now communication field not providing huge growth …
M1,M2: Communication means? Skill?
ME: No No…. I Mean telecommunication
M1: What is bank?
ME: explained
M2: what is loan?
M2: you are from Engineering Field how can u explain it very nicely ????
ME: Smiled….. I read from website and some groups in Facebook……
M1: how? You will post and someone explain it?
ME: No Sir, We have all materials regarding interview and bank exam preparations from thet I read wat I need…
M2: excellent… you studied differently I like it
ME: Thank you Sir
M1:You are from Cuddalore industrial area… is that industries polluting cuddalore?
ME:  Even my father also working there only Sir….now many industries were shutdown so pollution may be controlled
M1: just tell me polluted or not
ME: yes polluted…
M1: did people done anything for that?
ME: Yes sir, they conduct strike sometimes……
M1: they built plant there so started business after that if they conduct strike means no use
It polluted beautiful seashore cuddalore… no use
ME: blinked
M2: oh you can tell ur father working there … so u r here …..
ME: yes, yes my father working there,,, so my brother  studied and me studied BE…. Our status also good now….  V r from tiruvarur district.. my father got job in cuddalore so v settled here and built home…
Blah blah…..
M2: smiled…
M2: looked lady… She said nothing Sir
M1: how can we decide you as a officer…..?
ME: First of all, an Officer should dedicative, Talkative, friendly… so I have these qualities then…
M2: you studied without going to class and learned from net this also one type of good quality I have seen you… you can mention this too…
ME: I smiled and said thanks Sir
M2: though u studied from State Board…. How can you talk very fluently in English?
ME: Sir, even some state board Schools also providing these skills Sir…
M2: hmm good….
M1: K thank you….
M2: thank you All the best…
No questions from Lady…… 
I am very happy after finish this interview…
Expect positive results.. J Finger Crossed….

Some tips to Aspirants :
  • For Written Exam :
    • You should workout atleast one question paper per day. 
    • Read tables upto 25 and also squares and cubes upto 30.
    • Set time and do problems to increase speed.
    • Read Current Affairs Daily so that you can easily recall at the time of Examination / Interview.
  • For Interview :
    • Just stop being tensed, your attitude and the way of presenting yourself is matters.
    • Learn Important banking abbreviations, definitions and presently happening events in Banking and Financial Sector.
    • Don't stammer. Just say what ever you want to say in clear voice. 
All The Best Friends :)

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  1. hi this is prasanth from ap. can you pls provide interview questions and answers for ibps po 2012 common interviews in a pdf or word document it will helps all the candidates who are preparing for interviews. It is very very usefull to one and all. So can u pls upload as soon as possible.

    1. Till today we're lil busy with the IBPS Clerks Study Materials Prasanth. We'll try to upload the pdf file of IBPS Interview Preparation guide by next Thursday.

      All The Best

  2. Admin please upload IBPS PO interview related material as interviews going to start in 15days.

    Thanks a lot

    1. Already uploaded Murali... please have a look at the Banking Interview Special section above. If you were asking above the pdf file, you will get it by this weekend

      All The Best

  3. all the best & good interview experience.


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