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October 13, 2012

Computer Fundamentals in Hindi Language - Pdf Download


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From a number of days our readers have been asking us to post some material to learn computer in Hindi language. Finally today we've managed to post this small e book which will teach you the basics of the computer in Hindi language. In this pdf document we've covered all the basic points like What is Computer?, How Computer Operates?, What are the advantages and disadvantages of Computer, Difference between Software and Hardware, Parts of the Computer, Sizes and Capacities of various computer devices, How to choose a best computer etc in hindi language. We hope this small e book will help you in preparing for upcoming competitive exams. If we get good response to this small book, we will post the remaining useful materials of competitive exams too in Hindi Language. All The Best and Happy Reading :)

Download Computer Basics in Hindi Language Here - Link 1

Download Computer Basics in Hindi Language Here - Link 2

computer knowledge in hindi

Computer Material in Hindi Language for Bank and Competitive Exams Computer knowledge in Hindi Computer Awareness in Hindi


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