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August 01, 2012

March - Current Affairs - International

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Nepal Calls For Help to Settle Mt Everest Height

Nepal is appealing to the international donors to help its finally settle, a long-running dispute over the height of Mount Everest, according to a Government official. The World’s highest peak, Which straddles Nepal and China, is usually attributed a height of 8,848 meters following an Indian survey in 1954, but other an American team using GPS technology, recorded a height of 8,850 meters. Everest was first measured in 1856. In 2010, Nepal and China reached a compromise under which Nepal measured the height of Everests snow cap at 8,848 meters and China measured the rock peak at 8, 844 meters.

US Court Dismissed a Lawsuit Against, Sri Lankan President

A US federal Judge on 1 March 2012, dismissed a lawsuit filed against the Sri Lankan President Mahindra Rajapaksa. The lawsuit alleged that the president Rajapaksa is responsible for human right abuses occurred during the civil war in Sri Lanka.

25 EU States Sign Pact For Budget Discipline

All but two European Union Countries signed a fiscal pact to tighten budget discipline on 3 March 2012, making a coup for Germany that pushed for the accord to prevent a repeat of the loose spending that led to economic crises. Only Britain and czech Republic did not sign the agreements , under which all other countries in the 27- nation blocks are to write a golden rule on balanced budget in national constitutions equivalent laws and automatic corrections mechanism, if the rule is breached.

Britain Won’t Be Christian By 2030

Britain may no longer be a Christian country by 2030 as the number of non-believers is set to overtake the number of Christians. Christianity is losing more than half a million believers per years, while the count of atheists and agnosties is going up by almost 7,50,000 annually. The number of Muslims has surged by 37%, Hindus by 43% and Buddhist by 74%.

China Develops Systems To Predict Earthquakes

Chines scientists claimed to have developed a system to monitor the movement of the Earth’s crust and predict earthquakes. The new system will be based on satellite navigation involving a network of 260 constant observing stations and 2,000 part time observing stations with data processing technology. According to the officials of China Earthquake Administration, The new system will be used for weather forecasting and scientific research, among their purposes.

US Sees Vatican As Hub For Hawalas

The Obama Administration for the first time has identified Vatican City as a potential hub for money laundering along with 67 other countries. The state department Annual International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) identifies the 67 countries for money laundering or other financial crimes.It looks at the national laws to fight financial crime, their enforcement as well as the size of the banking sector. Major economics including the US, Britain and Japan are identified as countries of primary concern for money laundering.

Forbes Rich List Of  2012

Maxican Tycoon Carlos Slim  Helu retains his position as the World’s richest person. An all time high 1,226billion worth a record $4.6trillion were counted this year. The second is Bill Gates with 61.0billion, Warren Buffett in the third place with 44.0billion, the last three in top 10 are Stefan Persson with 26.0billion Li Ka Shing with 25.5billion and Kari Albrecht with 25.4billion.

Russia To Offer Air-Base To US

A new deal allowing the United States and its NATO allies to use a Russian air base for transit of troops and military cargo to Afghanistan. It would help Russia’s own security, Russia’s Foreign Minister said that the plan to permit the US and other NATO nations to use their air base in the city of Ulyanousk on the Volga River will be considered by the Russian cabinet.

China, World’s Biggest Art, Antiques Marketer

China had overtaken the US as the World’s biggest market for art and antiques in 2011. According to the report, China share of the global art market rose from 23% to 30% last year pushing the US to second place with a share of 29%, UK with a share of 22% in third place and France in fourth place with 6%.

Putin Wins Presidential Poll

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had won for the third term as Russian President in the Presidential elections held on 4 March 2012 and gets the highest percent of 63.6% votes in the election.

Oil Discovered in Kenya

The President of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki said on 26 March 2012 that oil deposits had been discovered in the country’s Northwest and first time in the East African nations. He cautioned that commercial viability is still uncertain through it was good news for the country, but the discovery was the beginning of a long journey before Kenya could become an oil producer. The discovery was made in Kenya’s Turkana region, Neighbouring South Sudan and Uganda both have oil industries. The discovery was made after exploratory drilling by Anglo-Irish firm Tullow oil

Syria Accepts Kofi’s 6-Points Peace Plan

Syria had accepted UN Arab League envoy Kofi Annan’s six points peace proposal to end the year long violence, a more which the former UN Chief Kofi Annan described as an important initial step to taken by the Syria to fulfill.

Syria commits to work with Annan in a inclusive Syrian political process to address the legislative aspirations and concerns of the Syrian people.

Syria commits to stop fighting and immediately stop troop movements and use of heavy weapons in populated areas

Syria accepts and implements a daily two hours humanitarian pause to deliver aid and evacuate the injured

Syria commits to intensify the pace and scale of release of arbitrarily detained persons and provide a list of all places

Syria commits to ensure freedom of movement through out the country for Journalists and a non discriminatory visa policy for them

Syria commits to respect freedom of association and the right to demonstrate peacefully as legally guaranted

Beijing Begins Mapping Disputed In South China Sea

China having maritime disputes with several of its neighbours, said that it is mapping South China sea (SCS) with an aim to step up exploration for oil and gas and reinforce its territorial claims. The majority of the disputed water used to be beyond our reach because we seldom put our claims into action. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told by drawing a map, the country can reinforce its jurisdiction claims in the South China Sea, and further actions may fallow, such as exploiting resources near the Nansha Islands.

Euro-zone Builds $1 trillion Financial Firewall For Larger Economies

The Euro zone nations have reached a deal to build up a massive 800billion euro ( around US 1.1trillion) financial firewall to present the two years old sovereign debt crisis from anguefing larger economies such as Spain & Italy. The finance minister of the 17 nations using the single currency agreed at the start of a two day meeting in Copenhagen to boost the fire power of euro-zone’s financial bailout fund to 700billion euros.It will be done by bringing together the temporary European financial stability facility mechanism (ESM) which has an initial funding capacity of 500billion euros.

Coups In Mali Ousted Its President

Rebel troops in Mali ousted its president Amadov Toumani on 22 March 2012. The ousted president Amadov Toumani Toure was due to leave office after elections on 29 April 2012 The rebels slammed the government for failing to control an ethnic Tuareg insurgency in the Northern part of Mali. The Tuareg insurgency includes fighters who supported Munnar Gaddafi in Libya. USA suspended military and other funds directed to Mali Government.

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