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August 25, 2012

Interview Experience - SBI Associates Clerks - Minaxi Jaiswal


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Friends, here is an Interview Experience of  State Bank of Patiala Clerks (One of the Associate Banks of State Bank of India) shared by Minaxi Jaiswal. We would like to Thank her on behalf of us  and our readers for her Great Contribution to helping other Aspirants. Hope this will help you. 

The interview was held on 14th June 2011. 

Name : Minaxi Jaiswal

Education : Post Graduate (M.Com) and Pursuing MBA

Here is the Interview Experience in her own words. 
The Interview panel consist of 3 members. 2 Male and 1 Female.
Me : may I come in sir
Interview Experience SBI ClerksOne member : yes come in
Me : Thanks sir and then I wished them.

Then they told me to sit n after sitting I thanked them.

1st member : apke father kya karte hai
I answered.

Lady member : financial statement kya hota hai. Ek npo mae kya financial statement banti hai.(As i was from Commerce background she asked)
I replied

Then she said r u sure?
I said yes.

After tht she asked Balance Sheet kya hoti hai ?
Before my ans she asked Assets kaunsi side hota hai?
I answered and she smiled as I was wrong.

Then she asked abt RBI.
Before my complete ans she asked abt its Monetary Policy.

Then other member asked : Punjab state se kyu application diya ?
Maine kaha yahi jyada vacancy thi to unhone kaha ki sari duniya ne yahi se bhara hai.

Then he asked bank mae ku ana chahte ho? (the most obvious question for all aspirants)
I answered

Then female mem asked "You are Married. How will u manage Married Life with the Job?"."family ka moh chodna padega" she added.
Then I said that "My father is at reputed position in bank so its my dream job. So my family,my husband n my in laws fuly supporting me to fulfill my dreams" and I also explained them that how I can manage both my Family and Job as both are equally important to me.

Then other member asked excel mae add karne ka formula kya hota hai.
I answered .

Then they said ok now u can go
I thanked them with a smile and left.

Suggestions Given by Minaxi Jaiswal for the Aspirants :
In clerical interview, The interviewers were in haste to wind up all interviews. They wont irritate you with a number of questions as many of us thinks. No need to be tensed, The panel generally see your Basic Knowledge of your graduation or special subject in 12th if you are undergraduate. Be clear and simple while answering the questions and don't forget to keep a smile on your face during the interview. They asked ques only in Hindi. All the best. 

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  1. Thank you so much Minaxi Jaiswal for the helpful suggestions

  2. Mam wanted to know that when interviwer asks questions in hindi the should we rply back in hindi or in english

    1. Good Question friend. You should answer the question in the same language in which the interviewer asks the question.

  3. Hello shivani Mam. I am a girl. Mera 9 jan ko interview hai. So Mam kis tarah dress dalo jaisa ki aapne mention kiya hai girls ke liye salwar suit tik hai.
    Mam aap please batayge ki chuidaar yaa salwar suit. and shoes daalkar jaao yaa
    slipper. cardigan yaa jacket main se bhi baatye.
    But mam i am confuse and nervous. plz help me.

    1. Well, no need to be nervous friend. Luckily girls don't have restrictions on the Dress they wear. I mentioned there to wear traditional outfits because over exposure may ruin good impression. Dont be confused and nervous... Dont experiment with clothes... Just wear what you usually wear... You can choose whatever you feel comfortable. Just try to be simple.. Thats enough

      All The Best

  4. hello gr8ambition,
    I am going to have interview in feb of sbi associates.
    I have a question can u tell me what are the question to be askedd from my subject(zoology ...graduation).

    Plz help me ,I AM WAITING

    Thanks in advance

    1. Sorry friend. No exact idea about questions you gonna face.. better prepare the main subjects of your stream

      All The Best


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