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August 29, 2012

During the Interview - Banking Interview Tips


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Avoid Shaking your foot, Crossing your legs, drumming your fingers or scratching your nose or face... etc. These gestures make the interviewers feel that you are nervous and uncomfortable. Try to look confident and relaxed. In most cases the interviewers themselves will try to put you at ease. Believe that they are there to let you prove your worth and mean no harm to you.
Some wrong Body Language gestures you should avoid during the interview :
  • Don’t Rub the back of your head or neck. Even if you really do just have a cramp in your neck, these gestures make you look disinterested.
  • Don’t Rub or touch your nose. This suggests that you're not being completely honest, and it's gross.
  • Don’t Lean your body towards the door. You'll appear ready to make a mad dash for the door.
  • Don’t Slouch back in your seat. This will make you appear disinterested and unprepared.
  • Don’t Stare back blankly. This is a look people naturally adapt when they are trying to distance themselves.
During the Interview :
  • Maintain a pleasant face and Establishing friendly eye contact and make sure you are polite 
  • Sit erect comfortably without craning your neck. Do not slouch.
  • Look attentive, keen and interested. Show your enthusiasm by keeping an interested expression.
  • Talk clearly, maintaining a pitch that is comfortably audible to the person(s) around.
  • Don’t be overexcited if you get easiest questions to answer, and don’t be dull if you don’t know the answer.
  • Listen to the queries properly and let them COMPLETE the question and then only answer.
  • Nod your head to show that you are listening, but don’t be a woody woodpecker.
  • Lean forward a little as you speak and backward as you listen.
  • Keep your arms either on your sides (preferable for men) or in your lap (preferable for women). Do not fold your arms, you'll appear unfriendly and disengaged.
  • Avoid arguing with interviews and dont make unrealistic tall claims during the interview.
  • During the course of an interview someone may ask about your aspirations. Now that is a tricky situation-be cautious here and do not appear over ambitious.
  • Never get too arrogant or aggressive in front of the interviewers.
  • Even if the interview is not going as you had planned or you get negative vibes, do not show your disappointment and disinterest. Maintain your poise till the end. Because, in every interview panel, there will be one person who irritates you like Hell… but you should know that this is also a part of the Interview.
  • You will have more than one person interviewing you at once, make sure you briefly address all the people with your gaze (without looking like a tennis spectator) and return your attention to the person who has asked you a question.

After Completing the Interview :

Once the interview is over, thank them for the time they spent and for interviewing you. If they offer to shake hands, do so, and have a firm hand shake. Wish them a pleasant day and close the door slowly behind you.

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  1. Hi admin....Gud evng!!! thnk u so much for ur extra-ordinary materials of cwe clerks online exam....can u plz update the interview section of cwe-2 clerks online exam...can u plz provide the phases in d common interview section of clerks online we hav GD section also in d common interview dis time? If possible plz help us in d GD section also by providing d corresponding materials and d expected topics of cwe-2 clerks online exam..thnk u madam...

    1. Well, thank you so much for the Suggestions friend. We've already updated the Basic Interview Practice materials for Bank Exams. Plz do check in the INTERVIEWs section above. And planning to update some more tips and frequently asked questions with answers for the Common Interviews of IBPS Clerks and POs.. you will get them soon. And as far as we know, there wont be GD section for the Common Interviews. If its there, we surely will update materials for that... Good Day :)

  2. dear admin you are doing a wonderful job,this site is really very useful to us.the approach you have done in each and every section s very different and very useful to words to express.really many thanks for u.thank thank yooooooooooooouuuuuu

  3. hii morning...i completed my msc in chemistry and i m wondering if the interviewer ask me why i have choosen clerk job widout going in my field what shoud i answer???can u plz give any suuggestion regarding this qns??

  4. Hi madam/sir,
    Please post latest interview material and plans...
    we are waiting.. please..

  5. plse update sbi so system interview question and preparation


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