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May 17, 2012

Marketing Aptitude - SBI Associates Clerks - Previous Paper 1...


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SBI Associates Clers - Held on - 16-01-2011

1.       Direct Marketing means ___________

a.       Advertisements
b.      Banners
c.       Face-to-face selling
d.      Selling by all staff
e.      Achieving targets

2.       Web marketing involves ___________

a.       Selling web cameras
b.      Web advertisements
c.       E-mail chatting
d.      Browsing the web
e.      Door-to-Door canvasing

3.       The ultimate aim of Marketing is to provide__________

a.       More business to the Company
b.      More profit
c.       More staff
d.      More production
e.      More products

4.       Selling Process includes ______________

a.       Publicity
b.      Lead generation
c.       Cross-country contacts
d.      Product Designing
e.      Product Re-designing

5.       Market share means ___________

a.       Paid up capital
b.      Shares held by employees
c.       Share of business volume as compared to other companies
d.      Share price of the company quoted in the market
e.      Sensex

6.       Market share can be increased by _____________

a.       Increasing the number of sales persons
b.      Increasing the sales volume
c.       Increasing the products
d.      Increasing production
e.      Rewriting profits

7.       Market segmentsation means

a.       Segmentation of sales teams
b.      Allocation of teritory
c.       Sales arrangement
d.      Segmentation of target group according to their needs
e.      All hospitals

8.       Referrel means ___________

a.       Sales person
b.      All customers
c.       Lead provided by operation staff
d.      Calling the existing purchasers
e.      All purchasers

9.       “USP” in marketing means

a.       Unique Selling Practices
b.      Uniform Selling Practices
c.       United Sales Persons
d.      Unique Selling Proposition
e.      Useful Sales Person

10.   The meaning of “Conversation” in terms of sales is

a.       Designing new products
b.      Converting Purchasers into sellers
c.       Converting sellers into purchasers
d.      Converting perspective customers into purchasers
e.      Conversion of religion

11.   Online Marketing is mostly useful for marketing of

a.       Saving Accounts
b.      Credit cards
c.       Home loans
d.      NRI deposits
e.      Business accounts

12.   Cross selling means

a.       City to city sales
b.      Selling with cross face
c.       Selling with crossed finger
d.      Selling products to existing customers
e.      Cold calling

13.   Marketing Strategy means ?

a.       Ideas for new employment
b.      Old techniques of selling
c.       Techniques for improving marketing activities
d.      Techniques for increasing production
e.      Networking

14.   Target group means ?

a.       All purchasers
b.      All salses persons
c.       Targeted purchasers
d.      All consumers
e.      Delivery persons

15.   What is the USP of saving accounts ?

a.       High rate of interest
b.      Easy operation
c.       Risky transactions
d.      Expensive transactions
e.      Back office facility

16.   Which one of the following is not a target group for saving accounts ?

a.       Salaried persons
b.      Loss making companies
c.       Doctors
d.      Government employees
e.      Insurance agents

17.   Target group for home loans is

a.       Existing creditors
b.      Persons having no house of their own
c.       Persons having one or more than one house
d.      Builders
e.      NRIs

18.   Digital marketing is similar to

a.       Online marketing
b.      Cold calling
c.       Web designing
d.      Market for cast
e.      Outdoor marketing

19.   Full form of DSA is _________

a.       Delivery Staff Agency
b.      Direct Selling Agency
c.       Distributors and Supply Agency
d.      Driving Sales Ahead


1.       c   2.       b   3.       a   4.       b   5.       c   6.       b   7.       d   8.       c   9.       d   10.   d   11.   d   12.   d   13.   c
14.   c   15.   b   16.   b   17.   b   18.   a   19.   b  


  1. hii.. some of the questions which are repeated like "TARGET GROUP" etc hv different answers.. pls check over it... thanks a ton for helping in this..

    1. Thank you so much for spending your valuable time in commenting Friend. We will look after the points you've mentioned.

  2. hello sir/madam,
    the best promotional tool in any marketing is_________
    waiting for ur reply
    thank u


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