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May 18, 2012

Marketing Aptitude - SBI Associate Clerks - Paper 3

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SBI Associates Clerks - Exam Held on - 16-01-2011 (2nd Sitting)

1.       Marketing in Banks is required for ____________

a.       Getting new customers
b.      Retaining existing customers
c.       Lending
d.      Accepting of deposits
e.      All of the above

2.       Service4 Marketing is the same as _____________

a.       Relationship Marketing
b.      Transaction Marketing
c.       Internal Marketing
d.      All of the above
e.      None of the above

3.       Market Size means ________________

a.       Size of marketing Staff
b.      Size of the organization
c.       Scope for profits
d.      Scope for marketing
e.      None of these

4.       Market share means ___________

a.       Market price of shares
b.      Sensex
c.       Share market
d.      Share of business among peers
e.      Market volatility

5.       Internal Marketing means __________

a.       Selling to oneself
b.      Selling to the employees
c.       Selling of samples
d.      Selling to foreign markets
e.      None of these

6.       A ‘call’ means

a.       A profession
b.      Teletalk
c.       Calling on a Prospect
d.      A call center
e.      All of the above

7.       A ‘Call Centre’ is _________

a.       A place where salesmen meet every day
b.      A training centre
c.       A back office set up where customer queries are answered
d.      Customers meeting place
e.      All of the above

8.       A presentation means __________

a.       Display of products
b.      Explaining the utility of products
c.       A gift
d.      Display of communication skills
e.      All of the above

9.       A DSA means __________

a.       Directly Selling Authority
b.      Directly Selling Agent
c.       Direct Selling Authority
d.      Direct Selling Agent
e.      Distribuors & Selling Agencies

10.   ‘Benchmark’ means ________________

a.       Products lined up on a bench
b.      Salesmen sitting on a bench
c.       Set standards
d.      Marks on a bench
e.      None of the above

11.   Value – added services means ______________

a.       Giving full value for money
b.      Better value for higher price
c.       Costlier service
d.      Additional  service
e.      All the above

12.   CRM means ___________

a.       Customer Relationship Management
b.      Customer Retention Manager
c.       Customer Relatives Meet
d.      Channel Rout Market
e.      Channel Representative Manager

13.   A ‘Target Group’ in Marketing _________

a.       To whom the sales should be directed
b.      A group of sellers
c.       A group of buyers
d.      A group of products
e.      All the above

14.   The target group for credit cards is ___________

a.       All Card Holders
b.      All existing borrowers
c.       Individuals with taxable income
d.      All of these
e.      None of these

15.   Bancassurance means _____________

a.       Assurance given by banks to Loanees
b.      Assurance to bank with one bank
c.       Assurance to repay loans
d.      Assurance to give good service
e.      Selling insurance products through banks

16.   Cross – Selling means ___________

a.       Selling with a cross face
b.      Selling to Red Cross members
c.       Selling to Blue Cross members
d.      Selling across countries
e.      Selling other products to existing customers

17.   ATM means ____________

a.       Any Time Marketing
b.      Any Time Money
c.       Any Time Machine
d.      Automatic Teller Machine
e.      Automatic Teller Money

18.   Digital Marketing is ____________

a.       A way of Direct Marketing
b.      A way of Indirect Marketing
c.       A strategy of the DSAs
d.      All of these
e.      None of these

19.   Market Segmentation helps in ____________

a.       Identifying the target gourp
b.      Focussed marketing
c.       Improved lead generation
d.      Only (a) and (b)
e.      All (a), (b) and (c)

20.   Only one of the following is true. Find the same

a.       Marketing is not required in a monopolistic situation
b.      Marketing is not required in Public enterprises
c.       Marketing depends on competitors’ performance
d.      Marketing has no role to play in production levels
e.      Motivated employees do not require sales incentives

21.   Price is an important factor for effective marketing. What are the other Ps ?

a.       Product, Promotion & Place
b.      Place, Persuasion & Promotion
c.       Price, Person & Place
d.      Product, Paper & Person
e.      None of the above

22.   Advertisements are required for _____________

a.       Boosting the production levels
b.      Motivating the employees
c.       All of the above
d.      None of the above

23.   Sales forecasting involves study of ______________

a.       Proper selling price
b.      Sales planning
c.       Distribution outlets
d.      Consumer needs and demands
e.      All of the above

24.   Market Research is needed for ___________

a.       Choosing the right sales person
b.      Choosing the right products
c.       Marking proper marketing decissions
d.      Deciding the sales incentives
e.      None of these

25.   Marketing is termed as successful, when ___________

a.       There is a rise in the number of salsemen
b.      There is no need for post-sales services
c.       There is no need to give discounts
d.      There is rise in sales through more clients
e.      Marketing is an ongoing process and hence, can never be successful 


1.       e   2.       a   3.       c   4.       d   5.       e   6.       c   7.       c   8.       b   9.       d   10.   c
11.   d   12.   a   13.   a   14.   e   15.   e  16.   e   17.   d   18.   b   19.   e   20.   d
21.   a   22.   c   23.   e   24.   c   25.   d

Marketing Aptitude Material and Previous Papers for SBI Associates Clerks

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  1. The correct option for question 14 should be C.
    14. c


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